Friday, March 18, 2005

Drive Around The World Trial - Round 8 (Speacial Urban Leg)

Race Queenw of the Day 8 - Launa Fauna and Torrid Midnight

The incredible CITY GIRLS! I am very honored to have them with me today :)

Immediately after Torrid's fashion show (that has been a great success by the way) i jump in my racing suit and head to Umber, or Midnight City as it's commonly called where Launa and Torrid are waiting for me. At the last moment even Mstress midnight joins the fray as my tird Race queen of the day... There are definately things that make life worth living... isn't it?
I couldn't persiade the fourth of the City girls (Aimee Weber) to dress in yellow, but she is present anyway, in the form on her big statue that looms over us in the background, situated on the southern coasts of Purple.

Anyway the course for today is the first urban one of my trip, and will be a complete tour of the streets of Midnight City, from the northern edge to the southern edge.

Immediately after departure i can get a good sight of the coasts of Purple, a really cute sim, where one can even find a nice railway that crosses a few northern sims.

A few seconds later i speed in front of Lordfly's shop, Lordfly is definately one of the best builders in SL, and the architecture his shop is a further proof of that.

On the second turn i can see Mistress's shop as i enter in the beautiful central plaza of Midnight City.

Launa's and Aimee's shop make a beautiful duo on the background as i gear down to keep the car from smashing on the road blocks that limit the course... Gotta love urban courses!

As i speed up on the straight i see Torrid and Francis Chung's shops side by side... did you think Francis made only weapons? I did as well, and i was wrong, she makes some awesome clocks as well.

Again cornering, while the rubber of my Bridgestone Potenza schreeches on the asphalt, and i speed between Lost's shop and the sign of the great City Girls New Designer Contest. A wonderful initiative that i will enter myself for sure. It's REALLY nice to see established designers lending a lil of their popularity and visibility to newbies like me ^_^

I'm almost at the end as i exit the plaza, in front of a very nice gothic shop...

... And a warehouse... wonder what dark secrets are hidden inside...

Sometimes a pilot has to stop and ask for info on the road... or maybe to hit on a cute city girl that happens to pass by ^_^

And i finally get in sight of the goal, as i can see a nice acquarium like casino on the other side of the waterway.

And even today's leg is done, as i am submerged by the flood of sheer beauty of my race queens... yes, life is definately wonderful... ^_^

Stay tuned!

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