Thursday, March 10, 2005

Drive Around The World Trial - Round 2

Round 2

Race Queen of the Day 2 - Palomma Casanova

Our great model agent decided to come and give me a good luck kiss for today's round.

The start location is in Lily, proceeding straight north-east beyond the crossroads in Honeoye (that was the goal of yesterday's round) to the T intersection in Ontario where i will turn right and will proceed to the goal point in Huron.
According to the information i have about the course, the road is still new and in good conditions, but lag is expected to get worse towards the end of the round.

Immediately after the start i reach speed in front of one of the Beckett Motor Works shop in Lily, wit it's great looking cars, while i drive down the slope towards Sutherland....

... where i drive over the big wood and stone bridge beyond wich i can see a lovely bay and the dam over wich i drove yesterday.

A few second laters i read Pimushe, a really nice sim that is a monument to forests and nature, wonderful!

In Alice i find myself speeding in front of a small little garden surrounded by waterfalls, cute, isn't it?

The lag begins to slowly worsen but the road is still easily driveable as i begin to climb in front of Camelot Creations big castle in Manitoba ...

... Immediately followed by a cute treehouse appearing on my side.

As soon as i enter Athabasca lags greets me, but i grit my theet and drive on, while i encounter a big futuristic build that contains DNA's DJ shop.

At last i reach the intersection in Ontario, where i turn right to face the last trait of today's route...

... Speeding in front of some nice looking gardens in Superior...

... I finally reach Huron, in sight of the goal, in front of an interesting gothic club.

And even today's route is done, the road was still in good conditions and the lag was more than acceptable. Palomma greets me as i turn the engine off. The Musashi Motorsports Supra GT can rest for the night. A long course awaits us tomorrow!

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