Sunday, November 29, 2009

20% off Sale for 3 days at Musashi-Do

Our 5th Anniversary celebrations didn't end with Black Friday. As part of the Artist's Voice Originals Only sale between November the 28th and Novemvber the 30th (until midnight on the 30th) the whole range of Musashi-Do fashions (excluding only the newly released Tuxedo "Party in Venezia") will still be on sale, featuring a 20% discount. If for any reason you missed black friday, you'll still be able to enjoy a discount for 3 more days at the Musashi-Do flagship store!

Again, happy Anniversary Musashi-Do, and a big THANK YOU to all our customers for your 5 years of continuated support!

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Release: Party in Venezia

Party in Venezia
Picture uploaded by Abriael
The holidays are coming, and with them comes the season of parties. Of course one can't show at a formal party without a dashing tuxedo. From this demand Party in Venezia was born.

This tuxedo features a classic peaked lapel paired with a trendy two vent style, perfect for formal occasions, weddings dinners and elegant parties . The solid black color gives a dashing and classy look, while the hand-painted textures of the embroidered waistcoat add a refined touch.

Party in Venezia is characterized by an extensive use of sculpted prims (jacket cuffs, shirt cuffs, trouser cuffs, lapel, collar, bowtie and jacket bottom) and includes ten waistcoats of different colors and the usual advanced Mudashi-Do hud to resize and fit the prims and to change the ten colors of the bowtie. You can also wear the tuxedo without the jacket to showoff the rich embroidery of the waistcoats and the detail of the shirt, complimented by additional sculpted cuffs.

Party In Venezia Bowties and Vests

The massive freedom in color variation allows you to match the tuxedo to your mood or to the gown of your date effortlessly.

It's available as usual at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store and on Xstreet. Don't miss it :D

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The Musashi-Do 5th Anniversary 50% Sale begins NOW!

The time has come, the Musashi-Do shop has now been open for 5 whole years. The sale is now operative and a 50% has been slashed off the prices in the Flagship store and at the Holidays store in Winterstock.
You can now come and get that outfit you had your eyes on for half the price.

Also, don't forget the Lollo String concert (IMHO he's the best singer in SL) happening at Noon SLT and the Anniversary fashion show at 7 PM. After the show there will be a party with Alicia Chenaux lending her adorable voice as a love DJ. During the party there will be a fashion trivia with lots of prizes! :D

Thank you for having supported Musashi-Do for 5 years!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Musashi-Do 5th Anniversary Sale and Events!

Musashi-Do was opened on November the 27th, 2004. 5 years later, on November the 27th, 2009, we want to thank our loyal customers for their continuated support with an explosive Black Friday!

On November the 27th at the Musashi-Do flagship store, there will be a massive 50% discount sale. All the Musashi-Do designs (excluding only the new Tuxedo "Party in Venezia" that will be released on Thursday, November the 26th) will have their price slashed by half! If you've had your eyes on a Musashi-Do design, Friday will be the best time to finally treat yourself to it, or to purchase your holiday gifts for your loved ones! The sale will run all day, from midnight to midnight, non-stop.

To help fight the lag, the same discount will be applied to the Musashi-Do products for sale at the Musashi-Do Holidays Store in Winterstock, where you'll also be able to enjoy a special Black Friday sale from most of the other designers present on the popular Christmas sim. If you have trouble teleporting to our flagship store or the lag bothers you, Winterstock is your next stop to enjoy the sale anyway.

During the same day, at 12 PM SLT (Noon) the popular singer and performer Lollo String will entertain us with a great live performance in the plaza in front of the Flagship store. Make sure not to miss it!

At 7 PM SLT, you will be able to enjoy the special Musashi-Do 5th Anniversary Fashion Show on the newly built catwalk, designed and created by our very own designer, Shiryu Musashi. The show will feature a stunning selection of the high-quality fashions by Musashi-Do

The fashion show will be followed at 8 PM SLT by an after-show party with DJ Alicia Chenaux, and several prizes for our guests. Wear your favourite Musashi-Do outfit and come dance and have fun after a day of shopping!

But our 5th Anniversary celebrations don't end with Black Friday. As part of the Artist's Voice Originals Only sale between November the 28th and Novemvber the 30th (until midnight on the 30th) the whole range of Musashi-Do fashions (again excluding only the new Tuxedo "Party in Venezia") will still be on sale, featuring a 20% discount. If for any reason you won't be able to be here on the 27th, you'll still be able to enjoy a discount for 3 more days!

Happy Anniversary Musashi-Do, and a big THANK YOU to all our customers, we would be nothing without your continuated support!

Friday, November 20, 2009

New Release: December Warmth

December Warmth
Picture uploaded by Abriael
Winter has come to Musashi-Do, as the search for warm garments becomes frantic. From that need this elegant and sophisticated winter coat was born.
It's classic style mixes an evergreen houndstooth texture with an elegant double breasted cut that makes it perfect for every occasion. The length to the knees creates the ideal compliment to your favorite boots.

The coat includes a top (on jacket layer), sculpted lapel, cuffs and belt with a flexi coat bottom attached.
The belt/bottom prim set comes in two versions, to fit different shapes. Normal and flat, for a slimmer fit. Of course they can both be modified and stretched fully to fit your body perfectly.

Included with the coat you will also find a bonus turtleneck sweater with sculpted collar to be worn under the coat. Of course you can wear the coat without it, or over any kind of apparel that doesn't go on the jacket layer (shirt and undershirt work perfectly). The coat lapel goes on your "spine" attachment point, so you can wear scarves, jewelry or other neck apparel on the "chest" attachment point.

I hope you will enjot the coat as much as I enjoyed the challenge of making it (and making hiundstooth realistically small but still good looking in SL is quite the challenge).

You can find both the fatpack and the separates it in Second life at the new location of the Musashi-Do Flagship Store, or on Xstreet (also you can find the separates on xstreet: White, Blue, Marroon, Teal, Pink). Happy shopping!

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Musashi-Do Moves to a private sim

Musashi-Do New Location
Picture uploaded by Abriael
After almost Five years in the mainland sim Anton (it will be five years on november the 27th, prepare for some celebrations), Musashi-Do has finally moved to a private sim to offer you a better and more focused shopping experience, with less lag and more space for growth. You can find the new shop in this location. The new sim is named "Eleganza" that means "Elegance" in Italian, and embodies the creed of the brand.

As of now, the sim around the shop is still heavily under construction, and it will be for a while, but the shop is available as it was for your shopping and browing pleasure, now with 100% less lag and 100% more fun! Please update your landmarks!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Shiryu Musashi on Fabulous Fashion

Fabulous Fashion
Picture uploaded by Abriael
Yesterday i had the honor to take part in the Fabulous Fashion show with Angie Mornington. It was a very fun chat, and since I always loved the show i was very happy to be part of it.

If you want to see the episode pr just to have a giggle, you can watch it below or directly on the page.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Release: Evening in Roma

Evening in Roma
Picture uploaded by Abriael
It's release time again, and today we have another InfiniTie compatible suit. Evening in Roma keeps the dashing and classy look of a solid black suit, but adds to it the relaxed attitude of an unbuttoned suit with a flexi tie, making it perfect even for informal occasions.

The lapels, the tie (excluding the blade that is flexi), the cuffs (both for the jacket and the trousers) and the jacket bottom are all sculpted prims, and the positioning/sizing of the tie/collar/lapel attachment is controlled via the advanced HUD that characterizes the newest Musashi-Do suits.

The hud also controls the color of the collars (that go with 10 shirts, 5 in solid colors and 5 pinstriped) and adds 10 new ties to your InfiniTie collection, to be used with this suit and with any other InfiniTie compatible suit or outfit. The Tie/shirt combination allows you to completely change the mood of the suit from informal to business, to formal.

Evening in Roma ties

As usual you can find this suit at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store or on Xstreet. Hope you'll enjoy it :D

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Friday, November 6, 2009

Winterstock opens. The Musashi-Do Holiday Store

Winterstock is an holiday themed sim created by Ewan Mureaux and Antonia Marat. I fell in love with the concept the moment i first saw it, so I immediately rented a shop that is now ready for business as the Musashi-Do Holiday Store (funny how i opened on a cruise ship and on a winter sim on the same day).
I also called all my friends that have their own design brands to it. Most of the best designers in Second Life are now settled there (and I hand-picked many of them, so you can be sure that they have the "Musashi Stamp of Approva"... They're so gonna smack me for saying this...), creating the best holiday/wintery shopping location you can find in the next couple of months leading to Christmas.

Ewan and Antonia worked so hard on it that it's really delightful to see their effort come to fruition. The atmosphere in the sim is so lovely, romantic, and just downright heartwarming that you shouldn't be surporised if you'll see me there often, maybe nestled on a platform on top of my shop designing while inspired by the Chistmas merryness. Don't be afraid to come say Hi, I don't bite :P

Today is the grand opening day. The sim will open at 5, with a big party in which we'll be delighted by fireworks and by the beautiful singing voice of Takamura Keiko. There will be many events down the line, but I'll tell you about those soon. For now, if you want a little taste of the holidays to come, make sure to visit and come have fun at the party. I'm sure you won't regret it :D
You can reach winterstock by clicking here.

Musashi-Do sets sail on a cruise

Musashi-Do @ Sea Nymph
Picture uploaded by Abriael
I always cuddled the idea to release a cruise collection (a summery fashion collection released in the fall for customer that spend the holidays in a cruise), but never had the time to do that.
Today I got a lil nearer to do that, as I opened my little cruise store on the Sea Nymph, a really lovely cruise ship in Second Life. If you want a bit of "summery fun" in the cold of winter, i'd strongly advise to give it a try, it's a really nice environment.
In the store you can find my bikini line and a selection of my menswear, both upscale and casual.

You can visit the Sea Nymph by clicking here.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Musashi-Do opens at Crush Row

Musashi-Do at Crush Row
Picture uploaded by Abriael

Crush Row has been a popular fashion sim for a while now, but I never got around opening a show there, until now. Crush Row just finished remodelling into a lovely and classy fashion street that embodies very closely my idea of the perfect mall in Second Life (classy and realistic). That's why I jumped at the chance to open a shop there.

You can find it at this location. Please pay a visit :D

Sunday, November 1, 2009

New InfiniTie Shirts and InfiniTies available

InfiniTie Shirts Classic
Picture uploaded by Abriael

InfiniTie Shirts Modern
Picture uploaded by Abriael

The InfiniTie system (click on the link if you don't know what it is yet, you'll be directed to a video about it) has just gotten bigger and more flexible, with the reelase of two sets of InfiniTie Shirts, the first in classic colors, and the second in more modern and hip hues. Each shirt comes with a flexi tie, a sculpted collar and sculpted cuffs, and includes two version, tucked and untucked in the trousers.
Besides the quality of the shirts, the core of this release lies the fact that the ties attached to the shirts are compatible with InfiniTie. You will be able to change the textures of the ties into those of each InfiniTie in your collection (both included in suits and separates), allowing for endless customization options. The shirts are designed to be worn with any unbuttoned suit you might have, bringing the versatility of the InfiniTie system to your whole wardrobe or almost.
The InfiniTie shirts are basically an essential piece of any man's fashion collection.

The two fatpacks with 5 shirts each (399 L$ each) and all the separate shirts (99 L$ each) are available now at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store. The fatpacks are also on Xstreet (classic and modern).

The new InfiniTie shirts aren't the only expansion to the InfiniTie system released today, I also released ten new InfiniTies (that of course can be used with the shirts above and with any other InfiniTie product) sold as separates. You can see them all protrayed below.

InfiniTies 2
Picture uploaded by Abriael

All of them are for sale separately for L$ 29 at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store.

Also, remember that you have only a few hours (until midnight today) to buy the Fog over Torino InfiniTie compatible suit for the Wear Grey brain cancer awareness campaign. The campaign finishes today, so at Midnight this top-quality suit will be discontinued and will never be available anymore. Don't miss it, and contribute to the campaign!

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