Saturday, January 23, 2010

Musashi-Do Fashion Show, today 5 PM SLT

Today, January the 22nd, at 5 PM SLT, Musashi-Do will again display their newest fashion on the runway during our new Mystical Cascades fashion show, organized by Opium Fashion Agency.

Of course you're invited, so please come to this location adn enjoy!

Friday, January 8, 2010

New Release: Firenze Blues

Firenze Blues
Picture uploaded by Abriael
The Menswear Fashion week opens today and it's time for a new suit release. Firenze Blues is your perfect Business suit, featuring a modern notched lapel/two vents style. The wrapping cut, almost resembling a double breasted suit, conveys height, elegance and strength, paired with the dark blue color to give a dashing and classy look.

As standard for the newest Musashi-Do suits, it includes 10 shirts (6 in solid colors and 4 pinstriped), and 10 tie designs. If the flexibility allowed by all that isn't enough, the suit is of course fully compatible with the InfiniTie system for an awesome degree of variation. If you still don't know what the InfiniTie System is, you can check this youtube video for an explanation.

Firenze Blues ties

In the package you will also find the Musashi-Do control HUD that will allow you to easily change the texture of the collars and of the ties, and to adapt the prims to your body without needing to do so manually.

The Collar, lapels, tie, jacket cuffs and trouser cuffs are made with sculpted prims.

Firenze Blues is available for 499 L$ at the Musashi-Do Flagship store, or on Xstreet SL and it's No Copy/Modify/Transfer. Don't miss it :D

Today's SL Daily Deal is on. Limited Edition Coat

It's time for another limited edition release for SL Daily Deals. This beautiful and exclusive purple version of December Warmth will only be sold in 250 copies today, starting 10 AM SLT, and will be for sale through the whole day only at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store.
Not only it's a limited edition and will never be offered again, but it's also be discounted compared to the normally available colors of December Warmth that cost 449 L$.
The limited purple edition is in fact be priced only 299! Make sure not to miss it! It's transferable, so if you can't be online today, you can still ask someone to buy it for you :D

Donations for the Milano Holidays Picture Frame delivered to Toys for Tots

As promised, the full income for the Milano Holidays Picture Frame was donated to the Toys for Tots Foundation today. The income was little over 50 dollars and was fully delivered. Here's the full transaction history for the avatar that received your purchases and the receipt for the Paypal payment to Toys for Tots.

I would like to Thank everyone that contributed to this initiative. Of course this isn't the last time I do it, and hopefully next year, with better organization and involving more people directly, we'll raise even more. I would also like to thank Sysy Chapman and Ewan Mureaux, that allowed me to sell the picture frame at Sysy's shop and at Winterstock.