Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Big round of discounts at Musashi-Do

Just a quick notice to let everyone know that quite a vast range between the Musashi-Do Fashions had their pricetag sizeably lowered

The list is too long to mention, but for instance the whole range of Musashi-Do gowns has been discounted down to 200 L$. They all sport double flexi prim attachments for perfect flow with your legs when walking and still show well at every party :D

As usual all the fashions from Musashi-Do are available at the Musashi-Do flagship store, or on Xstreet SL. Come give them a look.

Now time to get back to work, my newest suit will be released later today, at last :D

Monday, September 28, 2009

A Second Life designer at an Art Film Festival?

Bergamo Art Film Festival 2009 2
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
When the art director of the Bergamo Art Film Festival (one of the most prestigious European events about art cinema) called me and asked me to take part in the event to let the Audience know more about the new frontiers of aesthetics on Second Life i was quite surprised. It 's not the first time I'm invited to an event for that purpose, but an Art Film Festival is something that doesn't happen every day.

With me was my long time friend Mario Gerosa (AKA Frank Koolhaas in Second Life), with which I'm quite used to work, we always make a good team in presenting Second Life to people that don't know much about it, due to the fact that he's a journalist and a writer and I'm mostly a technician, and offer two very different but complementary point of views.

In the end, it was another great experience. I'm always honored to be chosen to speak about this topic, and I'm always surprised to see how people that don't have much to do with it always end up finding a new interest in virtuality and it's aesthetics.

Below are a couple more pictures (the quality isn't that great since the administration of the festival sent them on paper, and had to scan them).
Now it's time to get back to work. I have a suit to release :D

Bergamo Art Film Festival 2009  3Bergamo Art Film Festival 2009  1

Friday, September 25, 2009

Musashi-Do at the VR Style fashion show

VRStyle Fashion Show-09-24-2009 008
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
Today Musashi-Do was featured at the VRStyle fashion show alongside other brands like Paeoti Pomeray's Nymphetamine (one of my all time personal favorites).

You can see a few pictures here.

The show was held by Silver Star, a quite young modeling agency that's showing a lot of promise, even thanks to the determination and talent of their head, Nadia Felwitch.
And given that I've helped quite a few popular agencies to start up in my five years of SL, some say that I have an eye for that.

Also, the ones that came to the show had the chance to see the premiere of the new Musashi-do suit, "Milano by Night" that will be released in a few days. You can see it pictured on the top left. Pretty sleek, isn't it? :D Please look forward to it.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Keeping it simple, but classy

Polo Club Shirts
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
Time for another quite sizeable release at Musashi-Do. This time it's the casual and sportswear White Label to receive some attention.

This time I decided to keep it simple (and admittedly, given the hell of seam/stripe-taming i put myself into, It wasn't simple at all, at least from a technical point of view), and to feature one of the most classic pieces of casualwear and sportswear in the history of gentlemen's fashion: the Polo shirt.

I dug deep in the color trends for the upcoming season (Fall/Winter 2009/2010) and the next (spring/summer 2010) and created five sets, two in plain colors with matching trims, two striped, and two resembling the classy and sporty shirts of the polo club tradition.

All the polos come in two versions (tucked and untucked) adn with two different prim collars, folded and popped, if you feel a little more hip.

The separates start from 49 L$ each for the plain ones up to 99 L$ for the polo club ones, while the fatpacks range from 229 L$ to 399 L$

All of the sets and the separates are available at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store or just the sets on Xstreet (Polo Club set, Plain Fall/Winter, Plain Spring/Summer, Striped Fall/Winter, Striped Spring/Summer)

As usual every single polo shirt is 100% hand painted for your enjoyment.

Polo Shirts (Fall_Winter)

Polo Shirts (Spring_Summer)

Striped Polo Shirts (Fall_Winter)

Striped Polo Shirts (Spring_Summer)

Hope to see many wearing them soon :D

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Friday, September 11, 2009

New Freebies in store now!

Freebie for Ladies 4.0
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
The old 3.0 freebies I had in store until now were... well... old. So I decided to make it up for the wait, and prepare something nice for my customers.

From today on, the new Musashi-Do freebies 4.0 for Ladies and for Gentlemen are available in the Musashi-Do flagship store and on Xstreet (here for Ladies and here for Gentlemen).

I actually decided to work on them as they were normal outfits for sale, and the result is a (IMHO) nice cocktail dress that uses the same cut as Waving Heart and Diamonds on Me, but sports a different pattern, for Ladies and a classy polo shirt set with troursers for Gentlemen. You can see them all pictured here.

Also, while the black (and grey for Gentlemen) version is available for everyone, I made a special white edition of both freebies available exclusively to the members of the Muashi-Do Newsgroup or the Musashi-Do Subscribe-o-matic group.

Freebie for Gentlemen 4.0

Freebie for Gentlemen 4.0 White

Freebie for Ladies 4.0 White

Finally, I'd like to take this chance to let everyone know that I will use my social networks (twitter, plurk and the Musashi-Do fan page on Facebook, in addition to the groups above) to drop totally random and totally sudden little contests and giveaways for my customers.

Sometimes I will use all of them, sometimes i will pick one and use just that. So make sure that you add/subscribe them all to take part in as many contests as possible :D

In any case, I hope you appreciate the new freebies, as usual feel free to drop feedback if you feel like :D

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Thursday, September 10, 2009

New cocktail Dresses Released: Waving Heart and Diamonds on Me

Waving Heart
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
In the last few days I've been very hard at work to design my two new sets, Waving Heart (left) and Diamonds on Me (below). Both share the same cut, but have a different hand painted pattern and different color schemes.

Those two dresses are the embodiment of some of the concepts i'm planning to bring in Second Life from my experience at the academy I attended. One of the most fun, interesting and challenging things I learned has been to hand paint patterns in Illustrator, and how to create color variations of them.

Unfortunately the use of patterns in Second Life is rare, because designers using them are forced to face a hell on earth of seam-matching expecially on the waist area. Moreover, most of the patterns we see are some what photosourced, because designing patterns from scratch isn't easy.
That's why I created this new challenge for myself (something that I began on with Flower Me one year ago and that was rebooted with my new TAN/Lines bikini): to make 100% hand-painted patterns one of the "musts" of my style, and apply all I learned about them to my Second Life design, combining it with equally hand-painted shading and material simulation.


Waving Heart and Diamonds on Me are the result of such a challenge, or at least the initial results, because we're just at the beginning of this path (after all, Musashi-Do means "the Path of Musashi"). I'm quite curious myself to see where will it bring me and my brand.

In any case, getting to the technical, both dresses come in five color variations. Each color variation costs 225 L$ as separate, while the two fatpacks (one for each dress, including 5 colors) are priced 799 L$.

Both dresses (and the separate colors) can be found as usual at the Musashi-Do Flagship store, while just the fatpacks can also be purchased on Xstreet SL (Waving Heart and Diamonds on Me).

As always, thank you for your attention, and happy shopping :D

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A lovely review of the TAN/Lines series

Gemini Galatea was so nice to review my new bikini line on her blog. Had to share it, because really, the pictures are lovely. That lady has always been a talented one.

It's nice to see that, despite having been away for so long, my work is still appreciated. It drives me towards new creations, some of which are already in the works. I'm also preparing a new freebie package, since the old ones are quite outdated. Hopefully it'll be ready very soon.

Again, thanks Gemini, I really appreciated your post :D