Friday, September 11, 2009

New Freebies in store now!

Freebie for Ladies 4.0
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
The old 3.0 freebies I had in store until now were... well... old. So I decided to make it up for the wait, and prepare something nice for my customers.

From today on, the new Musashi-Do freebies 4.0 for Ladies and for Gentlemen are available in the Musashi-Do flagship store and on Xstreet (here for Ladies and here for Gentlemen).

I actually decided to work on them as they were normal outfits for sale, and the result is a (IMHO) nice cocktail dress that uses the same cut as Waving Heart and Diamonds on Me, but sports a different pattern, for Ladies and a classy polo shirt set with troursers for Gentlemen. You can see them all pictured here.

Also, while the black (and grey for Gentlemen) version is available for everyone, I made a special white edition of both freebies available exclusively to the members of the Muashi-Do Newsgroup or the Musashi-Do Subscribe-o-matic group.

Freebie for Gentlemen 4.0

Freebie for Gentlemen 4.0 White

Freebie for Ladies 4.0 White

Finally, I'd like to take this chance to let everyone know that I will use my social networks (twitter, plurk and the Musashi-Do fan page on Facebook, in addition to the groups above) to drop totally random and totally sudden little contests and giveaways for my customers.

Sometimes I will use all of them, sometimes i will pick one and use just that. So make sure that you add/subscribe them all to take part in as many contests as possible :D

In any case, I hope you appreciate the new freebies, as usual feel free to drop feedback if you feel like :D

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