Thursday, September 10, 2009

New cocktail Dresses Released: Waving Heart and Diamonds on Me

Waving Heart
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
In the last few days I've been very hard at work to design my two new sets, Waving Heart (left) and Diamonds on Me (below). Both share the same cut, but have a different hand painted pattern and different color schemes.

Those two dresses are the embodiment of some of the concepts i'm planning to bring in Second Life from my experience at the academy I attended. One of the most fun, interesting and challenging things I learned has been to hand paint patterns in Illustrator, and how to create color variations of them.

Unfortunately the use of patterns in Second Life is rare, because designers using them are forced to face a hell on earth of seam-matching expecially on the waist area. Moreover, most of the patterns we see are some what photosourced, because designing patterns from scratch isn't easy.
That's why I created this new challenge for myself (something that I began on with Flower Me one year ago and that was rebooted with my new TAN/Lines bikini): to make 100% hand-painted patterns one of the "musts" of my style, and apply all I learned about them to my Second Life design, combining it with equally hand-painted shading and material simulation.


Waving Heart and Diamonds on Me are the result of such a challenge, or at least the initial results, because we're just at the beginning of this path (after all, Musashi-Do means "the Path of Musashi"). I'm quite curious myself to see where will it bring me and my brand.

In any case, getting to the technical, both dresses come in five color variations. Each color variation costs 225 L$ as separate, while the two fatpacks (one for each dress, including 5 colors) are priced 799 L$.

Both dresses (and the separate colors) can be found as usual at the Musashi-Do Flagship store, while just the fatpacks can also be purchased on Xstreet SL (Waving Heart and Diamonds on Me).

As always, thank you for your attention, and happy shopping :D

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