Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New freebies released at My shop.

Those freebie packages has been created as a sign of my appreciation dedicated to the customers of the Musashi-Do Fashion Shop, that, with their continuated support, allowed the shop to grow in the last years.

There are two packages, one for men (including pants and 8 colors of shirt) and one for women (including pants, thong and 8 colors of tops). You can find them at the Musashi-Do Fashon shop (Anton 139,233) or at any external branch of the shop.

A good thing about this, is that they actually served as a good testing ground from some new wrinkling techniques, that i will use in the future for more commercial casual products.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Summer is here!

Yeah, it's a lil late for the beginning of summer, but i decided to make a sexy bikini set anyway. Someone told me i went a little overboard, but they know me, and know that i like big, colorful sets.
So here it is. 12 colors (2 of wich sheer, just because i'm naughty and wanna show more skin), and believe me, the seams have been an HELL to match...

The set is readily available at the Musashi-Do Main Fashion Shop (Anton 139,233) or at the Musashi Do Samurai Island Branch (Samurai Island 202,165), alternatively it can be found on SLBoutique.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 4, Part 3

As i'm about to leave Drawbridge a magnificent sight of Stonehenge greets me...

An arabian styled build lies on the side of the road in Gallinas as i head towards the end of the leg...

Lag hits me badly as i speed in front of the Shelter, that looks quite packed full...

And i finally cut the goal line, at the Isabel infohub, a quite beautiful build with water pouring down the sides.

And finally this leg has come to an end. It's been fairly easy, and the lag didn't hit too bad besides in a couple of crowded spots. Stay tuned for next week's leg!

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 4, Part 2

As i cross the bridge in Pierce i see a big skyscraper in the background against the night sky... driving in the dark can be dangerous, so i shift down and reduce my speed.

In Suisun i find a really nice vintage flying car parked on the roadside... It kind of reminds me of a movie i cannot remember...

As i corner at the intersection in Bishop, heading south, i can see an odd but quite cute shop in the background.

The view is really incredible as i speed down the road in Arena...

A really nice shop (with a quite original name) overlooks the road in lakeville.

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 4, Part 1

Time for departure: Bianca is ready at the start in Mowry to see me off.

Start! I step on the gas pedal as i shift up on the road from the start trough Mowry, with a nice sailboat shop on the background.

As i cross Selby i find myself in a commercial district... might need to come back here later...

As i enter Mare i see people dancing in what seems a small roadside club, while i corner on a sharp bend in the road.

In Selby i cross another commercial district, as my tires skid on the ground due to more sharp cornering...

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 4

After last week's hiatus, the time for the fourth leg has come. My mechanics are already checking the last settings, to make sure the car is perfectly in order after two weeks of inactivity.
Today's Race queen is Bianca, one of my cherished regular models, and an awesome pinky haired girl.

Today's route is pretty straightforward. I'll depart at Mowry's intersection and drive west, pass one of the sharpest turns in the whole grid, in Selby, then head southwards to the intersection in Bishop, and continue straight to the Isabel Info Hub.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 3, Part 4

A massive floating castle adn a galleon greet me as i feel the wood of the Seascale Bridge gripping my tires... Memories come to mind. This is where the first Musashi Motorsports cars were born, when this cluster of sims was new and lag free...

I get a sight of the waterhead welcome area from the bridge in Borowdale...

Then i enter the welcome Area itself, for a quick pass, i always loved this build...

The Derwent Park is still as nice as i remember it from the first edition of the Drive Around the world...

And i finally cut the goal line, near a couple of massive castles in Coniston!

And even this leg is done. The lag was a bit bad, last time i drove there was when the sims were new and almost empty, but in the end it was a nice trip. I absolutely loved the rescue station in Brawer.. i'd like to see more "real life" builds like that... Anyway, stay tuned for next week!

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 3, Part 3

I reduce my speed slightly on the the Whinlatter bridge, since i'll soon have to corner at the intersection, as a quite idilliac (if not for the skybox cluster in the background) waterside environment greets me. There's even a lighthouse!

After the crossroads in Mowry Bay i enter Scafell, where i drive down the road near a beautiful park...

Looks like i entered a commercial district cenetred around Netherback, lots of shops here...

A smoke shop? Now this is an original idea... I gear up, as the sexy lady painted on the windows tries to lure me into giving up my virtual lungs... such temptations are sure hard to resist...

As i enter Ravenglass the massiveness of a truck overshadows my small Zero, speeding in front of a nice motors shop

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 3, Part 2

It's almost time to start, in Ontario, as Katt wishes me good luck and sees me off. The engine is singing his roaring song already, and my heart is ready to syncrhonize with it.

And the time for departure comes, as i speed along the coastline in Ontario, leaving the start line behind...

As i reach Brawer i can't help but feeling better by noticing that someone DOES watch over our safety. This rescue station is really a beautiful build and a great idea.

in Yelas i run into a quite awesome looking ancient styled shop...

As i'm about to exit Yelas i spot a very nice treehouse, befitting the countryside environment.

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 3, Part 1

As my mechanics check the pressure in the tires of my Zero GTX, i prepare myself for another leg of my drive around then world of second life.

Today's race queen is the beautiful Katt Kongo (none other than the publisher of Metaverse Messenger), and she sure does justice to the Musashi Motorsports race qeen outfit as much as she does to her newspaper, a true jewel.

The course for the day is pretty simple: The start will be at the intersection in Ontario, that was already seen in the last leg: I'll drive west to trough Whinlatter bridge to the intersection in Mowry. From there i'll drive north-east all the way to the end of the road in Coniston.

Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Something new incoming...

After a few days of hard work, i finally managed to put on sale my latest outfit, inspired by my friend and model Nadia (i'll have to thank her for sharing the basic idea). I have to admit i'm quite proud of how it came out, and i really like the Black and White color combination.

As always it's available on SLboutique and in my fashion shop in Anton