Friday, December 22, 2006

Santa knocks at the door of Musashi-Do

Christmas is coming, and at last my long awaited vacation from school begun. I'm having a great time feeling immersed in fashion from head to toe (on wednesday we went to see RoccoBarocco's showroom, it was awesome even if his style of clothing is not exactly the same as mine.. i felt like a stain of black oil in a sea of colors :P), but sometimes it can be stressful too! Anyway while I'm waiting to put on the shelves my new fashion releases, all Musashi-Do and Musashi Motorsports shops have been "dressed up" for the occasion.
Also, just like last year, my customers will be able to find free full permissions (copy/modify/transfer) gift wraps in a vendor on the counter at the Musashi-do Main Shop. There are twenty different ones to fit every taste and style, but feel free to modify them to fit your purpose in any way you might like.
Last but not least, if you're a member of the Musashi-Do Newsgroup group, be ready, because a sign of my appreciation will be coming your way on Christmas eve's night. If you're not a member of the group yet, you're still in time to join!
Anyway, i'm done designing for the night (well, the "night" carried over to 3 PM in the day after it seems...) happy holydays to everyone!

Musashi Motorsports Opens on Motorati Island

Thanks to Pontiac that decided to provide residents of Second Life with land on Motorati island to develop their projects (I think this is a very important step on the right direction on behalf of a real life corporation, that finally understood that it's name alone is not enough to draw traffic to it's venue. Well done Pontiac!), I opened two new shops there. A Car shop where customers can find (and test drive for free) the whole range of Musashi Motorsports cars equipped with the brand new (and already extremely popular, it seems) Raiden Mk.2 engine, and a Fashion Shop, in wich the fashion aware driver can find top quality clothes to dress both while driving and while resting.
I have big projects for the Musashi Motorsports Fashion brand, by the way. As of now the shop features the same line as all Musashi-Do shops, but soon will develop it's own apparel line. Stay tuned!

Saturday, December 9, 2006

The Raiden Mk.2 ROARS!

It's done at last. Finally all the Musashi Motorsports cars are equipped with the new and powerful Raiden Mk.2 Engine! It was a terribly long haul, but i'm very satisfied with the results and the features included.

Here's a full list of features that you can now find in my cars:
- Realistic 6-speed sequential transmission
- Dynamic steering system
- Realistic Drifting behavioir
- Full featured HUD with touch commands, analogic and digital speedometer, gear indicator and day/night switching
- Variable output engine with three power settings: city, sports and racing
- Variable traction control with three settings: none, mild, full
- Variable stability control with three settings: none, mild, full
- Improved deactivable sim border crossing ability
- NOS nitro injection system
- Seats two avatars
- Guest driver system
- Passenger eject system
- Exclusive P-Freeze precision positioning system
- Opening and closing canopy (roadster versions only)
- State-of-the-art server friendly scripts
- Rotating wheels and turning front wheels
- 9 specific custom sounds, changing when you gear up and down
- Extensive visual effects, including exhaust smoke and flames and tire tracks on the ground
- Compatibility standard that allows users to replace the engine with other Musashi Motorsports Raiden engines
- Bonus decorative Musashi Motorsports Key and Keychain

Pretty nice, isn't it?
Expecially the P-freeze positioning system is something i really like, it allows the driver to move the car around with great precision without editing it, awesome for taking pictures and when one gets stuck or goes off the road :)

As always the cars are available at the Musashi Motorsports Shop

If you already bought any of the old Musashi Motorsports cars not equipped with the Raiden Mk.2, please do not purchase the a new one (unless you want a different model/color of course). The new ones are to considered an update and as such you don't need to purchase them. Just send me an IM and I will teleport you to my office as soon as possible, where, after seeing you rez your old car as a proof of ownership, I will give you the new edition of that car free of charge.

Also a group called Musashi Motorsports Owner club has been opened. The owners of my cars will be invited to that group and will be able to receive updates and new versions of the engine to play with.

Now, after this looong scripting and test driving haul, I better go back to my workshop, I have a lot of fashion designs on sketch. I just ("just" uh? ^_^;;) need to translate them to their digital version now. I missed fashion design, and even if car scripting is great fun, I'm definately happy to be able to go back doing that. So stay tuned, news in that field will come quick!

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Christmas is coming!

Having been a bit reclusive lately while scripting the new engine for my Musashi Motorsports cars (that will be released tomorrow night, at last), and having been busy with fashion design school, it's nice and refreshing to see a bit of festive atmosphere, anticipating my much awaited winter holidays (wich I'll spend working on SL anyway, for the ones that like my fashion designs don't worry, I didn't forget about you, quite a lot of news are incoming in the next weeks).
Here's a nice view of Via Montenapoleone (wich is well known as being the main designer store street in Milano and the heart of the so called "Square of Fashion") as seen from one of the balconys of the school I attend. As you can see the christmas lights are already up and lit (in the morning, talk about energy waste...) creating a pretty cute and merry atmosphere.
It's almost time for my mid-morning coffee, the Bar Cova (the one with the teal tents in the background) is definately waiting to give me a small part of my coffeine ration.
In the meanwhile, in the Vittorio Emanuele gallery, neightboring the Duomo Square, Swarovski placed down an immense christmas tree all decorated with shiny crystals, a truly awesome sight, expecially in the evening.
I definately love the festive atmosphere of christmas, and I'll make sure to decorate my shops as well in the upcoming days, I already have a few ideas that might prove nice.

Friday, December 1, 2006

Musashi-Do sponsors the opening Gala at centering place

While you wait for the release (should happen tomorrow evening) of the new Raiden Mk.2 engine for all Musashi Motorsports cars you can go to the opening gala for Centering Place, an extremely interesting and valuable volunteer initiative for counseling and support. During the gala literally DOZENS of Musashi-Do and Musahshi Motorsports items will be handed out to patrons, so be sure to be there and show your support to the girls at Centering Place. You can be sure, they deserve it.
The party will start at 2 PM (on december the 1st of course) and will be held here. Don't miss it!