Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Christmas is coming!

Having been a bit reclusive lately while scripting the new engine for my Musashi Motorsports cars (that will be released tomorrow night, at last), and having been busy with fashion design school, it's nice and refreshing to see a bit of festive atmosphere, anticipating my much awaited winter holidays (wich I'll spend working on SL anyway, for the ones that like my fashion designs don't worry, I didn't forget about you, quite a lot of news are incoming in the next weeks).
Here's a nice view of Via Montenapoleone (wich is well known as being the main designer store street in Milano and the heart of the so called "Square of Fashion") as seen from one of the balconys of the school I attend. As you can see the christmas lights are already up and lit (in the morning, talk about energy waste...) creating a pretty cute and merry atmosphere.
It's almost time for my mid-morning coffee, the Bar Cova (the one with the teal tents in the background) is definately waiting to give me a small part of my coffeine ration.
In the meanwhile, in the Vittorio Emanuele gallery, neightboring the Duomo Square, Swarovski placed down an immense christmas tree all decorated with shiny crystals, a truly awesome sight, expecially in the evening.
I definately love the festive atmosphere of christmas, and I'll make sure to decorate my shops as well in the upcoming days, I already have a few ideas that might prove nice.

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  1. Thanks for posting these!! I love the glimpses of your RL at holiday time!