Saturday, July 29, 2006

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 2, Part 3

I shift down and turn left, with a little side drift at the intersection in Ontario, as the last part of the leg begins.

A very nicely built shop in Superior as i speed up towards the goal
as the last part of the leg begins.

At the end of Superior another nice build overlooks the road as i shift up for the last straight.

This summer is terribly hot, and this pool in Abitibi seems just the right thing to get a little of relief...

At last i reach the goal in Huron, this leg is done! Stay tuned for another one next friday :)

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 2, Part 2

Before exiting Frontenac i speed in front of a nice treehouse, looks like they've becom e quite the popular trend lately... LOTR influence?

Cobalt Motors in Pickerel shows off a nice selection of vintage cars and a great looking car station.

In Warmouth a great looking japanese style building overlooks the road, it's incredible how much this place changed since 2005.

Just before exiting Warmouth i spot a bus stop on the roadside, strange, i didn't meet any bus yet...

As i reach Athabasca i see something that looks like a broken jet engine on the side of the road... i wonder what is it for...

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World 2006, Leg 2, Part 1

It's that time of the week again, and as my mechanic do the last checks to the Zero GTX i can introduce you to my beautiful race queens of the day: Palomma Casanova and Dione Jacques. Beautiful, aren't they?

The Route for today's leg will be a little more complex than the last one: I'll start from Winyah and head north-west to the crossroads in Frontenac. There i'll have a quick S turn at the crossroads themselves before continuing north-west to the intersection in Honehoye. There i'll turn North-east and proceed to Ontario, where my route will bend eastwards to the goal in Huron.

As the time for start draws near, my charming race queens wish me good luck in front of a creepy but cute cemtery in Winyah.

As the starter gives the signal I step on the gas pedal hard, speeding down towards Hannequin.

As soon as i reach Frontenac i corner quickly trough the double intersection, as the Robo Studio crew films me for their documentary...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mix 'n' Match galore!

It's done at last! What's (for now) supposed to be my ultimate suit for men...
It's been a whole lot of work, but in the end i'm quite satisfied with it.
It includes 21 shirts, 3 suits and 18 flexi ties... i quite like how the ties came out... the silk and the flex effects are nice...

If anyone of my readers are interested in it, they can get it from SLExchange here. or at my shop in world here.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World, Leg 1, Part 3

I hit the brakes hard as soon as i see a school crossing in Chicagon... now i wonder where the school is, though...

Resouming the course i speed forward in Chicagon, to be greeted by a London bus on a roof (!?)

In bear i find a nice fortres, with a cruiser (?!) floating on the background...

As I approach the goal, i speed over the wooden river bridge of Bear, with a luxorious mansion on the other side.

And i finally reach the goal! The first leg is done.
I can finally relax as the GTX (that performed like a charm) is loaded on the truck by my mechanics. The lag wasn't that bad, since many of the sims i crossed were relatively new.

It's all for today, stay tuned next week for the second leg :)

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World, Leg 1, Part 2

A Dominus Shadow, undoubtly the best car in Second Life, is parked gracefully in Ironjaw.

As soon as i enter Hartwick i see an incredible japanese style build, floating on some rocky structures that kind of remind me of someo old videogame... i just don't remember wich one...

As i enter Wakeley i find Neo Virgo's car shop on my left, displaying all sorts of dream cars.

Speeding on the long bridge that crosses the big south-eastern lake in Wakeley, i'm greeted with the sight of some very elegant apartment on my right.

At the end of the bridge i can glimpse a waterfront castle in Nestor.

After a few more minutes of driving the road sinks in a beautiful green valley in Thayer...

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World, Leg 1, Part 1

My mechanics have just finished tuning up the brand new Musashi Motorsports Zero GTX, and the engine roars like a lion ready to dash. The time has finally come as I do the last checks on my Test Yard in Bruin, that will be the starting place of the first leg.

My Race Queen for the day is Nadia Tempura, she's beautiful, isn't it? Her spotless dark skin and lavender eyes are a perfect match for the race queen outfit of the team.

The route for the first leg is not overly complex, i will drive east from Bruin to the intesection in Hartwick, where i'll continue east to Wakeley. There i'll turn south on the long Wakeley/Gobegic lake bridge. I'll continue south to the double intersection in Bear, where i'll turn east across the bridge and towards the goal, in Pero.

As i'm ready for the start, Nadia wishes me good luck.

And it starts, quickly stepping on the gas pedal i shift up , building speed on the road towards Cavanaugh.

In Cavanaugh i get greeted by a cute roadside garden...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Musashi Motorsports Drive around the (SL)World 2006

The day has finally come.
Almost one year after the crash that ended the 2005 edition the day has come.
Today i'll drive the first leg of the 2006 edition of my drive around the world. Then, once a week i'll drive a new leg, the goal being driving on all the roads of the SL grid.

The grid is full of interesting and beautiful builds and sights, and posting the pictures of my trip here i'll have a good way to show such beauty and (possibly) encourage exploration outside of the usual places. There's so much to see and so little time!
So stay tuned, the pictures of the first leg will be coming soon :)

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I made it to the press! :P

Look at that!
As the start date draws near and my mechanics are working hard on the last tuning of the car (it seems there was some problem with the lubrication of one of the brakes, better avoid an ending like last year's), I found a picture of mine on the Metaverse Messenger.

Of course it wasn't a surprise, since I was asked to pose for it, but it's still awesome that I've been considered for such an honor just a couple weeks after my return (not to mention that the publisher is quite the beauty, but that's another story, i'm weak, i know :P).
The Metaverse Messenger is definately a well-made and well-written newspaper, expecially in an universe (the internet) where most of such enterprises already do well if they manage to keep up with release dates without slipping. I learned about it by chance, but I liked it so much that now i don't miss an issue. It's another step to bring SL close to RL (where you wake up in the morning, go out for breakfast before working and stop by to get your newspaper) and the people that know me for sure know that this is one of the things i whole-heartedly appreciate.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I'm so lucky :)

As time passes the start of the first leg of my new drive around teh world (scheduled for friday) draws nearer.
The new Musashi Motorsports Zero GTX is ready and the sponsors are gathered, the new colors of the Musashi Motorsports racing team ar now a more classy Yellow and Black combination.

Here i am, posing with some awesome race queens: Ami, Bianca and Rahduhlac, aren't they absolutely gorgeous?

Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm back!

It's been almost a year since I drove the streets of second life. A new job kept me busy and I almost broke my back in an accident during volunteer work. It was so badly strained that i had to endure six months of walking with a cane.
In any case now i'm better and i can run my usual four kilometers in the morning again. I'm definately back to stay. It's been five very hectic days both in second life and in real life. Italy won the world cup (yay!) and i had to retexture all my second life cars due to trademark issues. So now they carry the Musashi Motorsports brand. The supra became the Musashi Motorsports Shoki, while the Fairlady is now renamed Musashi Motorsports Zero. I decided to name them after japanese World War 2 aircrafts.

I even made a limited edition one to celebrate Italy's victory in the world cup.
I was actually quite inspired by that, so i made an outfit based on that as well. I called it "Notti Magiche", that means "Magical Nights". It was my first flexi skirt too, i'm pretty satisfied with it.

I even found a wonderful model for it. Ami is one of the best looking asian avatars i saw so far in Second Life.

Anyway, tremble second life! The conqueror is back! :)