Saturday, July 22, 2006

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World, Leg 1, Part 3

I hit the brakes hard as soon as i see a school crossing in Chicagon... now i wonder where the school is, though...

Resouming the course i speed forward in Chicagon, to be greeted by a London bus on a roof (!?)

In bear i find a nice fortres, with a cruiser (?!) floating on the background...

As I approach the goal, i speed over the wooden river bridge of Bear, with a luxorious mansion on the other side.

And i finally reach the goal! The first leg is done.
I can finally relax as the GTX (that performed like a charm) is loaded on the truck by my mechanics. The lag wasn't that bad, since many of the sims i crossed were relatively new.

It's all for today, stay tuned next week for the second leg :)

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