Saturday, July 22, 2006

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World, Leg 1, Part 2

A Dominus Shadow, undoubtly the best car in Second Life, is parked gracefully in Ironjaw.

As soon as i enter Hartwick i see an incredible japanese style build, floating on some rocky structures that kind of remind me of someo old videogame... i just don't remember wich one...

As i enter Wakeley i find Neo Virgo's car shop on my left, displaying all sorts of dream cars.

Speeding on the long bridge that crosses the big south-eastern lake in Wakeley, i'm greeted with the sight of some very elegant apartment on my right.

At the end of the bridge i can glimpse a waterfront castle in Nestor.

After a few more minutes of driving the road sinks in a beautiful green valley in Thayer...

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