Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm back!

It's been almost a year since I drove the streets of second life. A new job kept me busy and I almost broke my back in an accident during volunteer work. It was so badly strained that i had to endure six months of walking with a cane.
In any case now i'm better and i can run my usual four kilometers in the morning again. I'm definately back to stay. It's been five very hectic days both in second life and in real life. Italy won the world cup (yay!) and i had to retexture all my second life cars due to trademark issues. So now they carry the Musashi Motorsports brand. The supra became the Musashi Motorsports Shoki, while the Fairlady is now renamed Musashi Motorsports Zero. I decided to name them after japanese World War 2 aircrafts.

I even made a limited edition one to celebrate Italy's victory in the world cup.
I was actually quite inspired by that, so i made an outfit based on that as well. I called it "Notti Magiche", that means "Magical Nights". It was my first flexi skirt too, i'm pretty satisfied with it.

I even found a wonderful model for it. Ami is one of the best looking asian avatars i saw so far in Second Life.

Anyway, tremble second life! The conqueror is back! :)

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