Saturday, July 22, 2006

Musashi Motorsports Drive Around the (SL)World, Leg 1, Part 1

My mechanics have just finished tuning up the brand new Musashi Motorsports Zero GTX, and the engine roars like a lion ready to dash. The time has finally come as I do the last checks on my Test Yard in Bruin, that will be the starting place of the first leg.

My Race Queen for the day is Nadia Tempura, she's beautiful, isn't it? Her spotless dark skin and lavender eyes are a perfect match for the race queen outfit of the team.

The route for the first leg is not overly complex, i will drive east from Bruin to the intesection in Hartwick, where i'll continue east to Wakeley. There i'll turn south on the long Wakeley/Gobegic lake bridge. I'll continue south to the double intersection in Bear, where i'll turn east across the bridge and towards the goal, in Pero.

As i'm ready for the start, Nadia wishes me good luck.

And it starts, quickly stepping on the gas pedal i shift up , building speed on the road towards Cavanaugh.

In Cavanaugh i get greeted by a cute roadside garden...

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