Sunday, March 30, 2008

A spring dress with a flowery theme: Flower Me

Flower Me
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
Here's a dress I'm particularly proud of: The Flower Me.
This set has been designed to fit the trend theme and colors of Florence's Pitti (the most famous Italian event for fashion textiles) for the Spring-Summer 2008 season.
The exclusive texture motif (coming in 6 color themes) has been 100% hand-painted following the same methods used in the real-world fashion industry, to create the the perfect dress for classy cocktail parties and brunches with your friends and loved ones.

Flower Me Color Studio
In the second picture you can see the color study I made to variate the texture in Illustrator. A lot of thought and study has been done to get the exact result I wanted. And I have to say I'm pretty satisfied of it.

The set can be found alongside the rest of the Musashi-Do fashion collections at the Musashi-Do flagship store, and on SLexchange

A tribute to a great designer: The Glorious F.

The Glorious F.
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
This set, dedicated to the memory of the glorious italian designer Gianfranco Ferre', and is themed after the stylish combination of black and brown.

It includes three suits (black, brown and pinstriped black), four shirts (black brown and pinstriped black and brown), two turtleneck sweaters (black and brown, including prim neck pieces) and one striped tie.

The option of using a shirt with tie or a sweater under the suit makes it perfect both for formal and for more casual occasions. Even more variation can be added by combining with the Evening revolution series or with any Musashi-Do flexi tie.

The set can be found alongside the rest of the Musashi-Do fashion collections at the Musashi-Do flagship store, and on SLexchange

A mandarin collar suit for the stylish: Jet Black

Jet Black
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
First of the new sets after the opening of the new flagship store, is this very simple (but actually a lot of thought went into it's detailing, as simple things are the hardest to make sometimes) mandarin collared suit. With just three pieces, it comes at a very affordable piricetag (200 L$) but still it makes for a sleek and elegant look, for a man that likes to be noticed.

The set can be found alongside the rest of the Musashi-Do fashion collections at the Musashi-Do flagship store, and on SLexchange

New Evolution set out now: Highland Wind

Highland Wind (Evolution)
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
It's been a long time since the announcement that Highland Wind would have had it's own evolution version. Now it's finally ready. All textures have now been completely redrawn (by hand) to match the present quality of Musashi-Do fashions, and all the tartan prims have been made flexi.

The base set contains the whole outfit, including tartans from five clans: Mc Gregor, Mc Leod, Mc Donald, Black Watch and Bannockbane. In addition to that, it includes a color changing belt with sporran and brooch.

Higland Wind (Evolution) Expansion Pack 1
In addition to the base set, I also releaased the evolution version of the expansion pack 1. Which includes tartans for Wallace, Buchanan, Ramsay and Erskine, as well as a second version of the Mc Donald tartan.

remember that, as for all Evolution fashions, if you already purchased the previous non-flexi verions, you don't need to repurchase this new ones. Just contact me (Shiryu Musashi) via IM and I will replace your old set with this one for free.

Both sets can be found alongside the rest of the Musashi-Do fashion collections at the Musashi-Do flagship store, and on SLexchange (Highland Wind and Expansion Pack).

Friday, March 28, 2008

The Musashi-Do brand splits in two. New logos!

Musashi-Do Black Label Logo
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
With the opening of the new Flagship store brings the splitting of the Musashi-Do brand in two separate brands. The first is the black label brand, which includes a Prêt-à-porter collection, and can be considered the first Musashi-Do line of fashions.

The second, but by no means secondary brand is the white label, that will include the casual and sportswear Musashi-Do collections.

The black label brand is available on the first floor of the Flagship Store, while the white label is available on the second.

Musashi-Do White Label Logo
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
As you might have noticed, the logos have been significantly revolutioned, now sporting a much more modern look, but still keeping the traditional "Musashi" Kanji that accompanied the brand since it's very beginning in 2004. Since Musashi-Do is without an hint of a doubt the first-born Italian brand in Second life, a reference to the Italian flag has been added as well.

The logos will gradually replace the old on all Musashi-Do related products from now on.

The new Flagship Store is finally open!

The new Musashi-Do flagship store
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
I'm pleased to announce that, after a long delay due mostly to family reasons, the new Musashi-Do Flagship store is finally open!

You can directly teleport to it by clicking here or go see the dedicated flickr gallery here.

I have to say that, despite it costing me several months of work, I'm definately proud of the results, even thanks to Windlight and the beautiful snowy environment of Anton that really add to it's looks.

As you may notice by going there, the shop is not the only new thing. After a creative hiatus Musashi-do delivers some new fashions! So please visit the new Musashi-Do flagship store in Anton and see if they fit your taste :D

Also, feel free to take the evelator to the 8th floor to enjoy the elegant panoramic restaurant with your friends and loved ones. Romantic dawns and beautiful sights are guaranteed.

Also, the family problems thatkept me away from designing are subsiding, while Fashion school finally draws towards the end of the two-years course, meaning that from now on I'll have much more time to get back designing as I used to do.

This said, Stay tuned! More is due to come soon.