Friday, March 28, 2008

The new Flagship Store is finally open!

The new Musashi-Do flagship store
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
I'm pleased to announce that, after a long delay due mostly to family reasons, the new Musashi-Do Flagship store is finally open!

You can directly teleport to it by clicking here or go see the dedicated flickr gallery here.

I have to say that, despite it costing me several months of work, I'm definately proud of the results, even thanks to Windlight and the beautiful snowy environment of Anton that really add to it's looks.

As you may notice by going there, the shop is not the only new thing. After a creative hiatus Musashi-do delivers some new fashions! So please visit the new Musashi-Do flagship store in Anton and see if they fit your taste :D

Also, feel free to take the evelator to the 8th floor to enjoy the elegant panoramic restaurant with your friends and loved ones. Romantic dawns and beautiful sights are guaranteed.

Also, the family problems thatkept me away from designing are subsiding, while Fashion school finally draws towards the end of the two-years course, meaning that from now on I'll have much more time to get back designing as I used to do.

This said, Stay tuned! More is due to come soon.

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