Friday, October 30, 2009

Only two days left to buy Fog over Torino limited edition

Fog Over Torino
Picture uploaded by Abriael

The Wear Grey campaign for brain cancer awareness is coming to an end (it will end at midnight on the 31st) and as such the availability of the suit created for Wear Grey will cease as well. Fog over Torino will be for sale only for 37 hours more. At midnight (SLT) on the 31st it will be discontinued, and will become a rare collector's item and the proof of your contribution to the campaign.
You can find it only at the Musashi-Do flagship store, and at the Wear Grey HQ (where you can also contribute by buying several wear grey products by many other designers).
The suit costs 400 L$ and 200 L$ from each purchase will be donated to the Wear Grey campaign, that will then deliver them to the American Cancer Society alongside all the other donations and contributions.
You're still in time, but not for long :D

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Musashi-Do store open at Pulse

Musashi-Do @ Pulse
Picture uploaded by Abriael
A new Musashi-Do satellite store has just been opened in Pulse, it's small, but homey, drop by if you feel like, the sim is very peculiar, and now has a lovely halloween attraction open as well.
You can find the new store here.

Monday, October 26, 2009

A flickr group for the Musashi-Do lifestyle

I just opened a new flickr group: Musashi-Do Lifestyle and it's dedicated not only to the style of the Musashi-Do brand, but also to you.

The group is for everyone to post pictures of themselves or their friends while wearing designs from Musashi-Do. by themselves or styled with clothes and accessories from other brands.

While I always have a very specific idea about my designs, I'm always delighted and inspired by seeing what customers, fashionistas and bloggers create with them. It also gives me precious insight for my future designs, so if you have any pictures featuring Musashi-Do outfits, please post them!

I can't wait to see what people will come up with.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Back to the origins: Tender Blossoms

Tender Blossoms
Picture uploaded by Abriael
It was back in november 2004 (yes, the 5th anniversary of the opening of Musashi-Do is incoming, better be prepared for what will happen then...) when Musashi-Do opened. Between the first dresses in the shop there was a set of chinese-style Cheongsam dresses.

I always loved that style, but I never got around making something like that again. Finally I managed to find the inspiration to create a new set, Tender Blossoms, that mixes the classic Cheongsam cut with a new and completely hand-painted pattern to give it a more modern and detailed look.

The dress comes in four colors (each available for 225 L$) and includes sculpted skirt, collar and frogs (not the croaking type, the chinese clasp buttons :P). The fatpack is available for 719 L$ and includes all four dresses.

I'm really happy about the results of this little return to the origins, it feels kinda nostalgic...

Anyway, both the separates and the fatpacks are available now at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store. The fatpack only is also available on Xstreet.

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Musashi-Do suit on the New York Times

Shiryu Musashi
Picture uploaded by Abriael
Two weeks ago was standing there minding my own business and watching Angie Mornington's Fabulous Fashion TV show (that I really like, by the way it's realistic and professional, and you know that I have a thing for realistic and professional). I didn't know that Sharron Shuman's camera lenses were on me.
Today the New York Times published a very nice article (unfortunately you'll have to register to read it, at least it's free) on Fashion on Second Life, and on Angie's show.

I was pretty surprised to see my face there, and quite honored to have my top-of-the-line suit Milano by Night shown as an example of "chic" fashion in Second Life.

I really like the article, actually, and surprisingly it doesn't fall in the usual sensationalistic trap of vulgarizing Second Life as a place of debauchery and free sex, instead talking seriously about the virtual fashion market and it's users. Give it a look, it's a good read. :D

PS: And don't forget to buy the suit, it's "chic" and "affordable" :P

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The video of the Wear Grey Fashion Show

The Wear Grey Fashion show was an amazing success, and I got to polish my machinima skills a bit with all the footage I managed to film from it. I'm really grateful to Sanura Snowpaw for allowing me to give that little bit of help I could.

If you still didn't contribute to the cause (Brain Cancer research via the American Cancer society), you can still teleport here and buy one of the several designs offered by the many designers that took part in the campaign, or, if you feel like it, just donate to one of the many donation booths scattered in the area. It's only until the end of the month, so get to it :D

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Wear Grey fashion show for Brain Cancer Awareness

In one hour at 7 PM SLT the Fashion Show for Wear Grey will start in this location. Make sure not to miss it because a lot of very talented designers put in a lot of effort in support of this campaign for Brain Cancer awareness. I'm very grateful to Sanura Snowpaw, the organizer, for letting me take part to this heart-warming initiative with my Fog over Torino suit, that will be shown during the show alongside many other creation by many other designers.

Please, make sure you don't miss the show, again, this evening at 7 PM SLT in this location, and stay for the party after the Show! Remember to show your support to the American Cancer Society with your donations and with buying the exclusive Wear Grey designs that will be available in the shops built around the catwalk.

I'll be there waiting for you :D

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Suit for Brain Cancer awareness: Fog over Torino

Fog Over Torino
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
Even if I'm quite late to the party, I was very glad to be invited to join the "Wear Grey" campaign for brain cancer awareness. My own contribution to that cause is finally ready, the "Fog over Torino" suit. The suit sports a sleek and wrapping design that looks very good with the grey color that gives the name to the campaign.

It comes with the usual advanced Musashi-Do prim positioning and sizing HUD, and with two shirts (solid grey and pinstriped) and ties.

The ties are, of course, perfectly compatible with the InfiniTIE system I released today, so if you want an accent of color on this grey suit, you have plenty options available.

You can find it for 400 L$ at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store or even better, at the Wear Grey HQ, where you can shop 'til you drop on all the Wear Grey products by many designers while contributing to the campaign.
The 50% of each sale of this suit (200 L$) will be donated to the American Cancer Society.

Also, please note that at the Wear Grey HQ on October the 16th at 7 PM SLT, there will be a fashion show showcasing all the Wear Grey outfits :D You can't miss it

Musashi-Do Innovates Men's fashion again. The InfiniTie system

InfiniTIE Logo
Picture uploaded by Abriael
Every fashion season some misguided journalists, in a vain attempt to be "hip", claim that the necktie is "out" only to see their credibility sink like the Titanic as this absolutely immortal part of men's fashion comes back like a boomerang and hits them in their faces.

There's very little argument here. Despite the empty claims described above, the tie is an absolutely indispensible piece of a man's wardrobe, and the more neckties we own, the more we'll be able to variate our look every day.

The choice of the right necktie can radically change the mood of a suit or similar outfit with a simple but masterful accent, moving from formal to almost casual with just the effort of chosing the correct match.

It's from this classic but immortal accessory that I wanted to pull out a new way to bring some innovation to men's fashion in Second Life. That's how the InfiniTie system is born:

As you can see from the above movie, the InfiniTie system overcomes the limitation that forces you to wear only the necktie or neckties specifically designed for the outfit you are wearing. No matter what's the size, shape, or flexibility of the tie, no matter if it's on a man or on a woman, you will be able to use ALL the InfiniTie neckties you own with each and every Musashi-Do suit (and with a little of resizing and maybe linking effort, even with many suits from other brands) you own, old and new. Whether you buy a separate infiniTie or a new Musashi-Do suit that includes new ties, all of them will be added to your InfiniTie collection and you will be able to use them freely even with outfits they weren't specifically made for.

The Milano by Night suit has already been updated to natively support the InfiniTIE system. Another suit will be released today, and ten separate neckties are already available at the Musashi-Do flagship store for 29 L$ each, while the "blank" flexi necktie to be used with the older Musashi-Do suits and with suits from other brands cost 39 L$.
Many other ties and suits will be produced in the future, as I plan to turn the InfiniTIE system into a truly infinite customization game.

Check it out. I hope you will enjoy wearing my new ties as much as I enjoyed making them :D

IMPORTANT: Milano by Night Update Notice

Milano by Night
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
IMPORTANT NOTICE: The suit "Milano by Night" has been updated to support the upcoming InfiniTIE system.

If you bought the suit "Milano by Night" before October the 11th, 2009 you have an obsolete model of it that doesn't support the InfiniTIE system that will be released today. Don't worry! Just put the suit in a folder named *****Milano by Night YOURNAME (keeping the "*" and replacing YOURNAME with your SL name, send an IM to Shiryu Musashi asking for the replacement of the suit and send him the whole folder, even if he's offline.

You will receive an updated version of the suit that is compatible with InfiniTIE, immediately if he's online, as soon as he gets online if he's not (normally it doesn't take more than a few hours).

All the suits bought or received after the release of this notice are already updated and, like all the suits and products that include the InfiniTIE system and the ties themselves will have an automatic update system that will make the above process unnecessary for any further update.

We apologize for the inconvenience of having to update your suit manually this time only, but we think it's for the better due to fact that you will now be offered the endless customization options of the InfiniTIE system.

Are you curious about what exactly the InfiniTIE system is? You'll have to wait just a little further, about an hour or so *winks*

If you still didn't buy the Milano by Night suit, you can purchase the updated version directly for 499 L$ at the Musashi-Do flagship store, or on Xstreet.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Concert this evening for the "Wear Gray" campaign for brain cancer awareness

In about 40 minutes (7 PM SLT) the Wear Grey campaign for Brain Cancer awareness will launch again with a nice concert of the NickelBlack band. Please wear your best grey outfit and come have fun. The location is here.

All the donations gathered during the concert will go to the American Cancer Society, and several designs by many designers will be available for purchase on site to support the same cause.

Musashi-Do fully supports the campaign, and tomorrow will release a suit that will allow you to support it as well with your purchase. See you at 7 and bring your friends!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

New Musashi-Do Satellite store at ICON

Musashi-Do ICON Satellite Store
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
I finally got around opening the first Musashi-Do satellite store after my comeback to Second Lif. The store is small, but hopefully comfy and nice to be in. It uses the same assets and textures as my main store, to keep the brand identity, but it has been slightly adapted to fit better into the environment at ICON. It's a lovely sim by the way, I love the setup.

So hello to my new neightbors, and thank you to RubyStarlight Wiriter that invited me there.

You can find the new store here. Please pay a visit :D

Saturday, October 3, 2009

A fresh coat of paint for Musashi-Do

The Musashi-Do flagship store has always been furnished very simply. Simplicity is part of the vision of the brand, after all.

Though, it's always hard, in Second Life, to aim for simplicity without looking cold, expecially in a snow sim. And the "old" Musashi-do did indeed look quite cold.

I've spent the past few weeks studying different solutions to warm the environment up and I finally came up with a solution. Less stone, a bit more dark wood (very dark), more plants and new furniture. Expecially the sitting areas have been radically changed.

I'm quite satisfied with the result (you can see them directly in world or in this flickr gallery), now the shop looks more warm and friendly, without being overly saturated and retaining that simplicity that I'm so fond of. Now, back to work on clothes!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The comeback of the Musashi-Do suit: Milano by Night

Milano by Night
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
Before my hiatus suits were the strongest point of my brand, and of course I always planned to go back to them. Now such plans have finally reached fruition, as the first of a new series of suits has finally been released: Milano by Night.

This suit features a modern notched lapel/two vents style, perfect for both formal occasions and business. The wrapping style, almost resembling a double breasted suit, conveys height, elegance and strenght, paired with the solid black color to give a dashing and classy look.

The package includes ten shirts to be worn with the suit (six solid colors and six pinstriped). The color of the collar and of the cuffs of the shirt is controlled via the HUD included with the suit. Same for the ten different textures for the ties, that feature solid color, striped and patterned designs.

Milano by Night ties

To change the color of the shirt's collar/cuffs or the design of the tie, I scripted a quite advanced hud that also provides a full-featured repositioning and resizing system that will allow anyone to fit the prims to his avatar's body effortlessly and quickly.

It was quite hard to code it but I'm honestly very happy of the result.

The suit costs 499 L$ and is available as usual at the Musashi-Do flagship store, or on Xstreet.

I also made a detailed video presentation showing the HUD in action, that you can see embedded below. I hope you will enjoy my new suit! More to come soon :D

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