Sunday, October 11, 2009

Musashi-Do Innovates Men's fashion again. The InfiniTie system

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Every fashion season some misguided journalists, in a vain attempt to be "hip", claim that the necktie is "out" only to see their credibility sink like the Titanic as this absolutely immortal part of men's fashion comes back like a boomerang and hits them in their faces.

There's very little argument here. Despite the empty claims described above, the tie is an absolutely indispensible piece of a man's wardrobe, and the more neckties we own, the more we'll be able to variate our look every day.

The choice of the right necktie can radically change the mood of a suit or similar outfit with a simple but masterful accent, moving from formal to almost casual with just the effort of chosing the correct match.

It's from this classic but immortal accessory that I wanted to pull out a new way to bring some innovation to men's fashion in Second Life. That's how the InfiniTie system is born:

As you can see from the above movie, the InfiniTie system overcomes the limitation that forces you to wear only the necktie or neckties specifically designed for the outfit you are wearing. No matter what's the size, shape, or flexibility of the tie, no matter if it's on a man or on a woman, you will be able to use ALL the InfiniTie neckties you own with each and every Musashi-Do suit (and with a little of resizing and maybe linking effort, even with many suits from other brands) you own, old and new. Whether you buy a separate infiniTie or a new Musashi-Do suit that includes new ties, all of them will be added to your InfiniTie collection and you will be able to use them freely even with outfits they weren't specifically made for.

The Milano by Night suit has already been updated to natively support the InfiniTIE system. Another suit will be released today, and ten separate neckties are already available at the Musashi-Do flagship store for 29 L$ each, while the "blank" flexi necktie to be used with the older Musashi-Do suits and with suits from other brands cost 39 L$.
Many other ties and suits will be produced in the future, as I plan to turn the InfiniTIE system into a truly infinite customization game.

Check it out. I hope you will enjoy wearing my new ties as much as I enjoyed making them :D

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