Friday, October 30, 2009

Only two days left to buy Fog over Torino limited edition

Fog Over Torino
Picture uploaded by Abriael

The Wear Grey campaign for brain cancer awareness is coming to an end (it will end at midnight on the 31st) and as such the availability of the suit created for Wear Grey will cease as well. Fog over Torino will be for sale only for 37 hours more. At midnight (SLT) on the 31st it will be discontinued, and will become a rare collector's item and the proof of your contribution to the campaign.
You can find it only at the Musashi-Do flagship store, and at the Wear Grey HQ (where you can also contribute by buying several wear grey products by many other designers).
The suit costs 400 L$ and 200 L$ from each purchase will be donated to the Wear Grey campaign, that will then deliver them to the American Cancer Society alongside all the other donations and contributions.
You're still in time, but not for long :D

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