Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Musashi-Do suit on the New York Times

Shiryu Musashi
Picture uploaded by Abriael
Two weeks ago was standing there minding my own business and watching Angie Mornington's Fabulous Fashion TV show (that I really like, by the way it's realistic and professional, and you know that I have a thing for realistic and professional). I didn't know that Sharron Shuman's camera lenses were on me.
Today the New York Times published a very nice article (unfortunately you'll have to register to read it, at least it's free) on Fashion on Second Life, and on Angie's show.

I was pretty surprised to see my face there, and quite honored to have my top-of-the-line suit Milano by Night shown as an example of "chic" fashion in Second Life.

I really like the article, actually, and surprisingly it doesn't fall in the usual sensationalistic trap of vulgarizing Second Life as a place of debauchery and free sex, instead talking seriously about the virtual fashion market and it's users. Give it a look, it's a good read. :D

PS: And don't forget to buy the suit, it's "chic" and "affordable" :P

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  1. Shiryu, you just never know what's going to happen at a Fabulous Fashion TV show do you?! Angie and we are very exited to have been featured in the article along with yourself and the others featured in the article that included quite a few Fashionista's from SL also. Angie Mornington is the life blood of Fabulous Fashion TV, she is always spot on with her choices, and has the personality of a seasoned real Life TV host, and this was noted by the Journalist who was interviewing her, after she had seen a few of the shows. She thought Fabulous Fashion was very professionally done, and we are thrilled to have the thumbs up from a RL Fashion columnist of her calibre. The Journalist was shocked and surprised to find out that there was such a thing as virtual Fashion TV she only came in SL to look at the shopping experience for fashion and found much more! You look great in that shot! Sharron Schuman our official F.F photographer takes all the shots, and she and Tiffany Dragonash both write a social page which appears on the fabulousfashiontv blog. Sharron's pictures also end up on our Flickr Group after the shows. Sharron got some nice credits on the NYT for the pics included. Now that this particular journalist has discovered virtual TV you might find there is a follow up article about TV in the metaverse lets hope so! Paisley Beebe CEO of Perfect World Productions Executive Producer Fabulous Fashion