Saturday, October 3, 2009

A fresh coat of paint for Musashi-Do

The Musashi-Do flagship store has always been furnished very simply. Simplicity is part of the vision of the brand, after all.

Though, it's always hard, in Second Life, to aim for simplicity without looking cold, expecially in a snow sim. And the "old" Musashi-do did indeed look quite cold.

I've spent the past few weeks studying different solutions to warm the environment up and I finally came up with a solution. Less stone, a bit more dark wood (very dark), more plants and new furniture. Expecially the sitting areas have been radically changed.

I'm quite satisfied with the result (you can see them directly in world or in this flickr gallery), now the shop looks more warm and friendly, without being overly saturated and retaining that simplicity that I'm so fond of. Now, back to work on clothes!

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