Thursday, October 1, 2009

The comeback of the Musashi-Do suit: Milano by Night

Milano by Night
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
Before my hiatus suits were the strongest point of my brand, and of course I always planned to go back to them. Now such plans have finally reached fruition, as the first of a new series of suits has finally been released: Milano by Night.

This suit features a modern notched lapel/two vents style, perfect for both formal occasions and business. The wrapping style, almost resembling a double breasted suit, conveys height, elegance and strenght, paired with the solid black color to give a dashing and classy look.

The package includes ten shirts to be worn with the suit (six solid colors and six pinstriped). The color of the collar and of the cuffs of the shirt is controlled via the HUD included with the suit. Same for the ten different textures for the ties, that feature solid color, striped and patterned designs.

Milano by Night ties

To change the color of the shirt's collar/cuffs or the design of the tie, I scripted a quite advanced hud that also provides a full-featured repositioning and resizing system that will allow anyone to fit the prims to his avatar's body effortlessly and quickly.

It was quite hard to code it but I'm honestly very happy of the result.

The suit costs 499 L$ and is available as usual at the Musashi-Do flagship store, or on Xstreet.

I also made a detailed video presentation showing the HUD in action, that you can see embedded below. I hope you will enjoy my new suit! More to come soon :D

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