Monday, August 31, 2009

A new blog for a new beginning....

This will be, from now on, the new Musashi-Do blog. The old one will be gradually phased out as this one gets added to the right feeds and all. The renovation of the store is going well, and all that's left to do is to actually discover who are the new press kids on the block and who of the old ones is still alive and kicking. Then I'll start sending out press releases and review copies.

I also made a new Plurk account, so, if you feel like, you can follow me there as well as on twitter. The facebook fan page is open as well... so many things to do, so little time!

It's 10 AM and i didn't get to sleep a single hour tonight, but I guess that is the life of the SL designer that I missed so much :D

It's actually time to go out now, but stay tuned!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

The fire is lit again. New bikini sets available at Musashi-Do

Summer Sky (Lush)
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
It took more than three weeks (and I said "a few days" but oh well... you all know, probably, that I've never been a fast designer), but in the end my secret TAN/Lines project became much more extensive than I thought.

In any case, what happened to me in the last several months? Well, it's pretty simple. I've been studying for two full years in a fashion academy, as some might already know. I wanted to add something more "real" to the experience i had accumulated in Second Life. I already had some notions of fashion before, but I really wanted to get some professional training and to do so at one of the best academies I could find.

It seriously sucked the life out of me. Two years having to go to school every morning in addition to work are pretty much a burden, but I have to say, it's been exhilarating as well. I feel that I learned more there than in high school and university (that I didn't finish) added together, and now that I have my lil shiny diploma, I'm pretty proud of it.

So now I'm back. And I think I've returned stronger than before. What I've learned, if you still remember who Shiryu Musashi is, and are still interested in his designs, you will see starting today and in the next months. Because yes, I'm here to stay.

Anyway, back to the new TAN/Lines bikinis. As you will see in the pictures that I will attach to this post, they came out quite nice. I applied to them a lot of what I learned about designing fabric prints at the academy, and all the research I've done about this and next summer's color and style trends.

On top of it, I wanted to add a little twist to the set. They aren't named "TAN/Lines" for nothing. In every set I included a set of matching tanlines (well, three sets actually, in different shades), that go over your skin and look like realistic tanlines. You can basically showoff your bikini even when you're not wearing it (or when you're wearing just half maybe) :D

In any case, here come more pictures for all sets. You can find them as usual at the old dear Musashi-Do flagship store, or on XStreetSL (it's really hard to me to write the new name... i always tend to write SLExchange...)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Something is burning under the ashes...

Some wondered, in the past year, what happened to the Musashi-Do fashion shop. Well, the shop has never disappeared, but no new designs were there.

Unfortunately the combination between lack of time and lack of inspiration kind of stopped this old designer on his tracks, dropping him into a very long and boring moment of creative slump.

Well, looks like something is burning under the ashes. Stay tuned during the next few days, you might be in for some surprises...