Sunday, November 1, 2009

New InfiniTie Shirts and InfiniTies available

InfiniTie Shirts Classic
Picture uploaded by Abriael

InfiniTie Shirts Modern
Picture uploaded by Abriael

The InfiniTie system (click on the link if you don't know what it is yet, you'll be directed to a video about it) has just gotten bigger and more flexible, with the reelase of two sets of InfiniTie Shirts, the first in classic colors, and the second in more modern and hip hues. Each shirt comes with a flexi tie, a sculpted collar and sculpted cuffs, and includes two version, tucked and untucked in the trousers.
Besides the quality of the shirts, the core of this release lies the fact that the ties attached to the shirts are compatible with InfiniTie. You will be able to change the textures of the ties into those of each InfiniTie in your collection (both included in suits and separates), allowing for endless customization options. The shirts are designed to be worn with any unbuttoned suit you might have, bringing the versatility of the InfiniTie system to your whole wardrobe or almost.
The InfiniTie shirts are basically an essential piece of any man's fashion collection.

The two fatpacks with 5 shirts each (399 L$ each) and all the separate shirts (99 L$ each) are available now at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store. The fatpacks are also on Xstreet (classic and modern).

The new InfiniTie shirts aren't the only expansion to the InfiniTie system released today, I also released ten new InfiniTies (that of course can be used with the shirts above and with any other InfiniTie product) sold as separates. You can see them all protrayed below.

InfiniTies 2
Picture uploaded by Abriael

All of them are for sale separately for L$ 29 at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store.

Also, remember that you have only a few hours (until midnight today) to buy the Fog over Torino InfiniTie compatible suit for the Wear Grey brain cancer awareness campaign. The campaign finishes today, so at Midnight this top-quality suit will be discontinued and will never be available anymore. Don't miss it, and contribute to the campaign!

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