Friday, November 6, 2009

Winterstock opens. The Musashi-Do Holiday Store

Winterstock is an holiday themed sim created by Ewan Mureaux and Antonia Marat. I fell in love with the concept the moment i first saw it, so I immediately rented a shop that is now ready for business as the Musashi-Do Holiday Store (funny how i opened on a cruise ship and on a winter sim on the same day).
I also called all my friends that have their own design brands to it. Most of the best designers in Second Life are now settled there (and I hand-picked many of them, so you can be sure that they have the "Musashi Stamp of Approva"... They're so gonna smack me for saying this...), creating the best holiday/wintery shopping location you can find in the next couple of months leading to Christmas.

Ewan and Antonia worked so hard on it that it's really delightful to see their effort come to fruition. The atmosphere in the sim is so lovely, romantic, and just downright heartwarming that you shouldn't be surporised if you'll see me there often, maybe nestled on a platform on top of my shop designing while inspired by the Chistmas merryness. Don't be afraid to come say Hi, I don't bite :P

Today is the grand opening day. The sim will open at 5, with a big party in which we'll be delighted by fireworks and by the beautiful singing voice of Takamura Keiko. There will be many events down the line, but I'll tell you about those soon. For now, if you want a little taste of the holidays to come, make sure to visit and come have fun at the party. I'm sure you won't regret it :D
You can reach winterstock by clicking here.

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