Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Musashi-Do 5th Anniversary Sale and Events!

Musashi-Do was opened on November the 27th, 2004. 5 years later, on November the 27th, 2009, we want to thank our loyal customers for their continuated support with an explosive Black Friday!

On November the 27th at the Musashi-Do flagship store, there will be a massive 50% discount sale. All the Musashi-Do designs (excluding only the new Tuxedo "Party in Venezia" that will be released on Thursday, November the 26th) will have their price slashed by half! If you've had your eyes on a Musashi-Do design, Friday will be the best time to finally treat yourself to it, or to purchase your holiday gifts for your loved ones! The sale will run all day, from midnight to midnight, non-stop.

To help fight the lag, the same discount will be applied to the Musashi-Do products for sale at the Musashi-Do Holidays Store in Winterstock, where you'll also be able to enjoy a special Black Friday sale from most of the other designers present on the popular Christmas sim. If you have trouble teleporting to our flagship store or the lag bothers you, Winterstock is your next stop to enjoy the sale anyway.

During the same day, at 12 PM SLT (Noon) the popular singer and performer Lollo String will entertain us with a great live performance in the plaza in front of the Flagship store. Make sure not to miss it!

At 7 PM SLT, you will be able to enjoy the special Musashi-Do 5th Anniversary Fashion Show on the newly built catwalk, designed and created by our very own designer, Shiryu Musashi. The show will feature a stunning selection of the high-quality fashions by Musashi-Do

The fashion show will be followed at 8 PM SLT by an after-show party with DJ Alicia Chenaux, and several prizes for our guests. Wear your favourite Musashi-Do outfit and come dance and have fun after a day of shopping!

But our 5th Anniversary celebrations don't end with Black Friday. As part of the Artist's Voice Originals Only sale between November the 28th and Novemvber the 30th (until midnight on the 30th) the whole range of Musashi-Do fashions (again excluding only the new Tuxedo "Party in Venezia") will still be on sale, featuring a 20% discount. If for any reason you won't be able to be here on the 27th, you'll still be able to enjoy a discount for 3 more days!

Happy Anniversary Musashi-Do, and a big THANK YOU to all our customers, we would be nothing without your continuated support!

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