Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Release: Evening in Roma

Evening in Roma
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It's release time again, and today we have another InfiniTie compatible suit. Evening in Roma keeps the dashing and classy look of a solid black suit, but adds to it the relaxed attitude of an unbuttoned suit with a flexi tie, making it perfect even for informal occasions.

The lapels, the tie (excluding the blade that is flexi), the cuffs (both for the jacket and the trousers) and the jacket bottom are all sculpted prims, and the positioning/sizing of the tie/collar/lapel attachment is controlled via the advanced HUD that characterizes the newest Musashi-Do suits.

The hud also controls the color of the collars (that go with 10 shirts, 5 in solid colors and 5 pinstriped) and adds 10 new ties to your InfiniTie collection, to be used with this suit and with any other InfiniTie compatible suit or outfit. The Tie/shirt combination allows you to completely change the mood of the suit from informal to business, to formal.

Evening in Roma ties

As usual you can find this suit at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store or on Xstreet. Hope you'll enjoy it :D

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