Friday, November 27, 2009

New Release: Party in Venezia

Party in Venezia
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The holidays are coming, and with them comes the season of parties. Of course one can't show at a formal party without a dashing tuxedo. From this demand Party in Venezia was born.

This tuxedo features a classic peaked lapel paired with a trendy two vent style, perfect for formal occasions, weddings dinners and elegant parties . The solid black color gives a dashing and classy look, while the hand-painted textures of the embroidered waistcoat add a refined touch.

Party in Venezia is characterized by an extensive use of sculpted prims (jacket cuffs, shirt cuffs, trouser cuffs, lapel, collar, bowtie and jacket bottom) and includes ten waistcoats of different colors and the usual advanced Mudashi-Do hud to resize and fit the prims and to change the ten colors of the bowtie. You can also wear the tuxedo without the jacket to showoff the rich embroidery of the waistcoats and the detail of the shirt, complimented by additional sculpted cuffs.

Party In Venezia Bowties and Vests

The massive freedom in color variation allows you to match the tuxedo to your mood or to the gown of your date effortlessly.

It's available as usual at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store and on Xstreet. Don't miss it :D

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