Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Evolution set out now: Highland Wind

Highland Wind (Evolution)
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
It's been a long time since the announcement that Highland Wind would have had it's own evolution version. Now it's finally ready. All textures have now been completely redrawn (by hand) to match the present quality of Musashi-Do fashions, and all the tartan prims have been made flexi.

The base set contains the whole outfit, including tartans from five clans: Mc Gregor, Mc Leod, Mc Donald, Black Watch and Bannockbane. In addition to that, it includes a color changing belt with sporran and brooch.

Higland Wind (Evolution) Expansion Pack 1
In addition to the base set, I also releaased the evolution version of the expansion pack 1. Which includes tartans for Wallace, Buchanan, Ramsay and Erskine, as well as a second version of the Mc Donald tartan.

remember that, as for all Evolution fashions, if you already purchased the previous non-flexi verions, you don't need to repurchase this new ones. Just contact me (Shiryu Musashi) via IM and I will replace your old set with this one for free.

Both sets can be found alongside the rest of the Musashi-Do fashion collections at the Musashi-Do flagship store, and on SLexchange (Highland Wind and Expansion Pack).

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