Friday, December 22, 2006

Musashi Motorsports Opens on Motorati Island

Thanks to Pontiac that decided to provide residents of Second Life with land on Motorati island to develop their projects (I think this is a very important step on the right direction on behalf of a real life corporation, that finally understood that it's name alone is not enough to draw traffic to it's venue. Well done Pontiac!), I opened two new shops there. A Car shop where customers can find (and test drive for free) the whole range of Musashi Motorsports cars equipped with the brand new (and already extremely popular, it seems) Raiden Mk.2 engine, and a Fashion Shop, in wich the fashion aware driver can find top quality clothes to dress both while driving and while resting.
I have big projects for the Musashi Motorsports Fashion brand, by the way. As of now the shop features the same line as all Musashi-Do shops, but soon will develop it's own apparel line. Stay tuned!

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