Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New freebies released at My shop.

Those freebie packages has been created as a sign of my appreciation dedicated to the customers of the Musashi-Do Fashion Shop, that, with their continuated support, allowed the shop to grow in the last years.

There are two packages, one for men (including pants and 8 colors of shirt) and one for women (including pants, thong and 8 colors of tops). You can find them at the Musashi-Do Fashon shop (Anton 139,233) or at any external branch of the shop.

A good thing about this, is that they actually served as a good testing ground from some new wrinkling techniques, that i will use in the future for more commercial casual products.


  1. mmm...freebies!! ;-)
    Great work as always, Shir!!


  2. Great looking blog. I will have to check your store out!