Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Expanding my upscale menswear line...

Between yesterday and today i released three new sets of upscale menswear.
Many people complained in various forums that SL lacks good menswear, so i decided to increase my efforts in that field (don't worry girls, next thing is for you :P).
The first set (of wich i have to say, i'm kind of proud) is a set of flexi ties inspired to the italian style. After all it was about time i begun to work according to my real life nationality.

I created some new textures to simulate patterned and stitched silk, and i'm actually satisfied of the result.

The next set is the first expansion pack for my Evening Revolution Set (even if the ties mentioned above have more or less for the same purpose even if more generic).

Called Suits: Soft Shades, they have less "formal" colors than the original suits included in Evening Revolution. The light grey version would be probably best suited for office work, the light blue is much more daring and sporty, while the beige (almost golden) has become my personal favourite, And gives me a much needed chance to wear some brown shoes (as always pants come in two version, with brown and black belt)

With the third and last set (called Evening Revolution Expansion pack: Metallic Shirts)i tried to use gradients to simulate metallic colors on 12 shirts.

My favourite one is probably the Antique Gold, wich not casually matches the beige suit quite well, and with the tan and gold striped tie makes my very favourite combination.

The prices are 300 for the ties (but they're available as separates for 35L$ each), 240 for the suits and 200 for the shirts, at the Musashi-Do Main Fashion shop or on SLBoutique.

Here's a last picture depicting a bit of mix'n'match between the three sest (including my favourite combo)

Not too shabby isn't it?

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