Monday, September 28, 2009

A Second Life designer at an Art Film Festival?

Bergamo Art Film Festival 2009 2
Inserito originariamente da Abriael
When the art director of the Bergamo Art Film Festival (one of the most prestigious European events about art cinema) called me and asked me to take part in the event to let the Audience know more about the new frontiers of aesthetics on Second Life i was quite surprised. It 's not the first time I'm invited to an event for that purpose, but an Art Film Festival is something that doesn't happen every day.

With me was my long time friend Mario Gerosa (AKA Frank Koolhaas in Second Life), with which I'm quite used to work, we always make a good team in presenting Second Life to people that don't know much about it, due to the fact that he's a journalist and a writer and I'm mostly a technician, and offer two very different but complementary point of views.

In the end, it was another great experience. I'm always honored to be chosen to speak about this topic, and I'm always surprised to see how people that don't have much to do with it always end up finding a new interest in virtuality and it's aesthetics.

Below are a couple more pictures (the quality isn't that great since the administration of the festival sent them on paper, and had to scan them).
Now it's time to get back to work. I have a suit to release :D

Bergamo Art Film Festival 2009  3Bergamo Art Film Festival 2009  1

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