Friday, March 11, 2005

Drive Around The World Trial - Round 3

Race Queen of the Day 3 - Brit Wishbringer

A naive gaze to die for :)

Shortly after sunrise I am in Ontario, at the crossroads i passed during yesterday's leg, ready to start a new round of this road trip. Brit is there as well to wish me good luck.

Today's course is the longest I've driven so far, starting in Ontario i will proceed east beyond the bridge in Ulverston to the intersection in Mowri, where I'll turn north-east on a road i know particularly well, since it's where i learned to drive in SL there, when the lag was still acceptable. The first trait of this road will be the most difficult of the leg, due to heavy lag, but according to my prediction the situation will become better towards the goal in Coniston

This one im Yelas is the second fairchang shop i see in about 200 meters... Pituca probably likes this road a whole lot :P

This building features a quite well made industrial style...

... and after a few seconds I encounter another nice ancient style build in McFee.

I eventually cross the bridge between Whinlatter and Ulverston, with the ship shaped casino in the background...

... And soon turn right on the intersection in Mowry.

The lag begins to be terible as i drive trough a densely commercial zone, in Grizedale, with one of my favourite malls on the background. I always liked the style of the building.

In Ravenglass i encounter a nice car store build on a parking lot.

In seascale i cross a long wooden bridge... is that King Kong down there in the water?

The lag begins to be much better as i shift up and jump down a slope, the engine sound pitches up, ready to unleash all it's power.

In Waterhead i meed a linden owned building... wonder what is it's purpose...

I stop for a quick pause in front of the beautiful Hidden Lakes Telehub in waterhead, a further sign of the gerat attention with wich tghe lindens shaped and decorated this group of sims.

A few minutes later i am speeding again down the bridge between Waterhead and Hawkshead

In Derwent a beautiful park appears on my left...

... And as the speed builds up i soon get in sight of the goal in Coniston.

Another leg is done, but tomorrow the lag will be much worse, will i manage to drive trough it?

Stay tuned and you will know!

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