Saturday, March 12, 2005

Drive Around The World Trial - Round 4

Race Queen of the Day 4 - Katanablade Anubis

Sharp as a blade, and just as beautiful :)

Even today the time for departure comes as soon as the sun rises, and Katanablade is ready and waiting in Mowry

After departing from Mowry i'll have to face one of the sharpest turns in SL, in Mare, then i will proceed beyond the bridge in pierce and the intersection in Bishop.
After that ill turn westwards at the intersection in Clarksburg and will skim the limit with the snow sims until the goal at the dead end in Crescent.
Unfortunately lag won't be nice today, since the zone is densely populated, but I won't let it discourage me.

After a few seconds i see a cute tent lost in a patch of trees on my left in Selby...

I shift down at the tight turn in Mare and break suddenly pushing my car in oversteer
to hold the wheels firmly glued to the asphalt...

... Looks like someone built a small roadside bar there.

In Garrison i speed beyond the back of a massive mall, Nexus Nash did a great job with it's architecture.

A few seconds later i shift up despite the lag as i pass the stone bridge in Pierce.

When i reach bishop i'm greeted by a lot of small beautiful gardens...

... And by some big mmmh... flowers at the crossroads.

Just after the intersection in Clarksburg i find myself in front of promenade, partly hidden by a lot of luxurious plants.

A small pause in the parking of an opulent looking villa in Hookton, as behind me a face off takes place between my Supra and a Mercedes: Japan vs Germany... good match.

I enter Shelter as i speed behind a cute japanese style house...

... and finally get in sight of the goal!

Another leg is done, despite the ugly lag and the road in half decent conditions. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Stay tuned!

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