Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Drive Around The World Trial - Round 7

Race Queen of the Day 7 - Canimal Zephyr

mmmh a dark cutie... ^_^

About half an hour after sunrise i am ready at the dead end in Nakaa, where Canimal is already waiting for me. I had a good night of sleep (quite unusual for me) so i am definately ready for today's leg.

AFter departure i'm scheduled to proceed west until the crossrodas in Marunogere. There i have to head northwards around the bay of Riiki to the bridge between Papa and Alulei. After crossing the bridge i will circumnavigate the island beyond it abd come back to the bridge, crossing it again and heading north and immediately west at the northern crossroads in Papa.After that i will proceed along the coastline until i reach the goal at the same intersection in Marunogere that i passed at the beginning of the leg.
Unfortunately lag is scheduled to be quite bad, and th roads will probably be in quite terrible conditions...

... in fac i immediately notice that this will be a bumpy trip.

At the crossroads of Marunogere i sight a nice cascade as the crystal lear water spills out of the rocks.

A couple minutes later i am welcomed by a cute sight of the bay of Riiki

In Papa i begin to wonder if i didnt end up in Egypt...

As i cross the bridge between Papa and Alulei i can see the beautiful bay of Papa onmy side.

In Palulop someone built a movie theatre...

As i am about to cross the Alulei bridge again i can get a quick sight of Midnight City, home of the City Girls, that will be the stage of a special urban leg tomorrow.

At the end of the bridge i am welcomed by the beautiful Papa Waterfalls.

After a couple minutes, still in Papa, i can see the coastline is quite busy...

... until i see a great looking villa on the other side of the waterway in Marawa.

As i get in Marunogereagain i can eventually see the goal at the crossroads...

... And conclude even this leg, it's not been easy this time. So far the worse road condition i encountered during this trip. Hopefully next time will be better.

Stay tuned!

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