Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Drive Around The World Trial - Round 1

Race Queen of the Day 1 - Willow Zander

Isn't she a cutie?

It is a little after dawn when i reach my test yard in Bruin, that will be both the start and the final goal of the Trial. My cute Race Queen of the say, Willow Zander is already waiting for me on site.

Today's course is fairly simple, Starting in Bruin i will head east until the road will split at Hartwick, there i will turn right and proceed until the crosroads in Frontenac, where i will turn left and face the last traid towards the goal just before the T crossroads in Honeoye.

Just after departure i meet some nice signs of patriotism from some of the new dwellers in Bruin, lag is very low here, and speeding on the brand new road is a pleasure.

Right after entering Cavanaugh i see some very creative people working hard on theiryard, with a sister red Supra parked nearby... I am quite proud of my cars :P

Leaving Cavanaugh i take a last sight of the Anti matter Air Heads HQ, that group seems full of creative and talented people, better keep an eye of them :)

The engine roars wildly in front of me as i jump after a steep slope in Hartwick!

In Wakeley my Supra is dwarfed by the might of this biiig dam!

A few seconds later in Missauke i cross one of the new nice wooden bridges Ben Linden built.

In Frontenac i speed in front of a really beautiful build currently under construction...

Just after the crossoroads in Frontenac a cute purple haired girl looks at me from the wall of a club, while the lag becomes a lil heavier, forcing me to reduce speed...

...But can't stop me as i speed near Deesse et Ange, with some great looking cars on display.

In Honeoye I meet a great sculpture by Lash Xevious, while someone seems to have forgotten one of the brautiful MR2 by Cereal milk on the edge of the road...

...and after a few seconds i am in sight of the goal!

Round 1 is now ended, as i pose with Willow at the goal.

Today lag was kinda low, and the road was new and in great conditions. How will tomorrow be? Stay tuned!

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