Sunday, March 13, 2005

Drive Around The World Trial - Round 5

Race Queen of the Day 5 - Bree Pennyfeather

Love those red bangs ^_^

After transporting the car to the very north of the grid i am ready for departure, as Bree wishes me good luck. Today the lag will be quite grim, since we are on one of the oldest group of sims of the whole grid.

I'm scheduled for departure from Tenjin at the dead end of the northern highway system, this whole landmass is actually a big island archipelago so i expect many bridges to cross. The road (actually a big highway) is broad and in good conditions, even if the lag won't sure make this leg easy.
After departure i will proceed in a long straight until the crossroads in Hotei, where i will turn left, then will turn right at the intersection in Benten since the road on the left brings to a dead end. Will drive beyond the crossroads in Raiden (that will be the start of tomorrow's leg) and will turn right at the Y in Yamato that will lead me to the goal at the crossroads in Gama.

Immediately after departure i see a nice industrial build on my left, called Tenjin Waterworks.

A few second later in Uba, immediately before passing in Fujin, the situation becomes suddenly grim, some broken roadblocks and warning signs signal that the bridge in front of me is out of order... I need to take a decision quick...

I push hard on the gas pedal and shift-up to 6th as the engine roars in it's steel cage. I speed up on the broken ramp of the bridge and suddenly feel a sensation of void as the wheels loose their grip on the reassuring asphalt for the frightening leap...

It's been a wild bet and it seems i managed to win it, as the Supra flies in the air like a crossbow bolt. As i feel the gravity grab my car and pull it towards the water a big bump shakes the springs as the wheels bite the asphalt on the other side... Phew!

The Second Life Land Management did me a very bad joke, but i swiftly regain control. The car responds correctly and seems to be undamaged as i reduce the speed a bit to counter the lag and the GOM financial building in Shinda appears on my right.

Shortly after i enter Hotei and i find myself surrounded by the Gotha of car making in second life, Cereal Milk's and SteveR Wiplash' shops on both sides, wow!

A few seconds later i turn left on the crossroads in Kojin,

When i reach Raiden i am welcomed by an odd pairing between a japanese garden and a Madcat Mech...

Soon i pass the Y in Yamato as i turn right towards the goal, speeding beyond a cute marketplace on my right...

... And as soon as i reach Gama i get in sight of the goal...

Broken bridges and terrible lag didn't stop me today, but the trip is far from finished, how will tomorrow be?

Stay tuned!

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