Monday, December 7, 2009

New Release: Brocade Princess gown

Brocade Princess
Picture uploaded by Abriael
As the holidays approach, more and more formal parties happen. People like to go dancing and to do so in style. It's the perfect time for a new gown release by Musashi-Do: Brocade Princess.

Brocade Princess is a lovely ball gown in six colors, it's graceful heart-shaped bodyce cuts into a daring cleavage that will be the perfect frame for any finely crafted set of jewelry you might want to wear. The low riding sash accentuates a feminine hourglass shape, while the hand-painted brocade pattern creates feeling of warmth that will turn heads during any winter formal party. Completing the look are a set of matching velvet gloves which add a subtle touch of classic elegance.

To add a little more flair to the gown, each color comes with both a patterned and a solid color matching sash. Alternating between them allows you to completely change the mood of the dress.
As a little additional detail, the pattern of the gown matches that of the waistcoats of the Party in Venezia tuxedo, for those couples that like to go dancing with a subtle yet stylish matching detail in their attire.

I hope you will enjoy it, as well as your holidays dancing parties.

The Brocade Princess gown is available both as a fatpack (for 2199 L$) or as sepatate colors (priced 499 L$ each) at the Musashi-Do Flagship store. Permissions are set as no copy/modify/transfer, making this gown the perfect holidays gift.

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