Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Release: InfiniTie Shirts, now for Ladies!

The InfiniTie system has already started revolutioning menswear (if you don't know what InfiniTie is yet, you can see a movie explaining it on Youtube), but what about ladies? A lady can definitely wear ties, and be sexy with them.

To finally make the InfiniTie system fully available to women in Second Life, we just released the InfiniTie Shirts for Ladies, in three sets: Classic, Trendy, and Christmas edition.
They all come in three variations, Untucked (on the jacket layer), Tucked and Bare Midriff (on the short layer) and include sculpted cuffs and collars and a flexi tie, with a sleek black Jacquard texture.

The Christmas edition also includes two exclusive festive (but classy) InfiniTies in matching green and red.

You can find all three sets at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store and on Xstreet (Classic, Trendy or Christmas). The classic and the trendy sets are priced 499 L$, while the Christmas set is priced 259 L$.
You can also find separate shirts from the Classic and Trendy sets for 129 L$ each at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store.

Of course, to fully enjoy the incredible variation offered by the InfiniTie system you can buy separate InfiniTies at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store for as few as 29 L$ each. Look in the meanswear area (even if we'll have dedicated InfiniTies with a more feminine slant soon, stay tuned for them!).

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