Sunday, December 20, 2009

Milano Holidays contest: The winners!

Unfortunately there were only 7 entries to the Milano Holidays Contest (but they still turned in enough pictures to create a small but very cute exhibition that will open tomorrow):

Here come the winner list, and thank you for your submission everyone!
1st: Matthew Anthony
2nd: Chandni Khondji
3rd: Kimmie Rayna
4th: Tenshi Vielle
5th: Alicia Chenaux
6th: Sarra Foggarty
7th: Gidge Uriza
8th to 10th: Unassigned

You can see a list of the prizes in this post.

On this note, Kris Citron of the Sea Nymph cruise ship offered an additional prize to the 3rd winner (Kimmie Rayna) over the ones listed in the previous post. A free night in the Sea Nymph's luxurious honeymoon suite! Thanks for your support Kris!

The winners will be contacted in the next couple days to receive their prizes.

Again, I would like to thank all the visitors to the Milano Holidays Exhibition, and expecially the ones that shared the Holidays spirit of their cities with everyone through the pictures they shot. Thank you! :D