Friday, December 11, 2009

New Release: InfiniTie Shirts Christmas Edition

The 12 days of Christmas event is continuing, and today it's Musashi-Do's turn to release a themed item (a few hours late, regrettably). So here are our Christmas Edition InfiniTie shirts, sporting themed colors (a deep, daring hue of red and green) and two beautifully painted holiday InfiniTies, not available elsewhere, one striped and one in a floral pattern.

Of course the whole package is fully compatible with the InfiniTie System and you can both use other InfiniTies with the shirts (should you want to wear them in less festive occasions), or use the InfiniTies included with other InfiniTie compatible garments to make them more festive, increasing the flexibility of this set tenfolds.

As usual, if you don't know what the InfiniTie system is, you can check an explanatory video here.

You can purchase the InfiniTie Shirts Christmas Edition at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store, or on Xstreet for L$ 199.

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