Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Exhibition at the new Musashi-Do Shop!

It's the 4th Christmas i spend on Second Life, and Goodness, it's been an hell of a Ride.

Many things are going to change from now on, as the Musashi-Do brand is preparing for a grand comeback. The new shop is almost ready, and it's looking great (someone may think that the Musashi Tower spawining from it is a little megalomaniac... and maybe that someone is right), with three floors for the shops, one to be used for exhibitions of various nature, and a beautiful panoramic restaurant at the very top of the tower (wich is already open, so feel free to bring your special someone and friends alone and come enjoy a good glass of Barbaresco del Piemonte while enjoing the sight of the winter wonderland from above).

Also, as a little christmas treat, i'd like to invite you to the themed photographic exhibition that i opened today at the brand new Musashi-Do store (click for the SLurl).

Milano Holidays: the capital city of Italian Fashion dressing for the winter season
The exhibition (all the pictures have been taken by me) will stay open until January the 6th and hopefully will let you appreciate the charm of Milano during the Christmas holidays.

In the next few days the shop is gonna be complete and the long awaited new Musashi-Do creations that were held back by the overload of work for RL companies and by having to attend fashion school everyday, will be eventually released in a quick sequence.

So stay tuned, because Musashi-Do is back, and is back to stay!

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