Thursday, October 19, 2006

New (and vintage) formal gowns

Following up the announcement od the project "Evolution" that will bring to a gradual renewal of the whole early Musashi-Do stock, the vintage line composed by Ivory pearl, Lavender Cloud and Snow Rose has been revamped completely with the addition of flexiness amd brand new textures and the creation of new colors: Crimson Ruby, Emerald Forest, Midnight Romance, Crystal Sky, Black Rose, Red Diva, Pink Candy, Ebony Shadow, Sea Star and Purple Royale.
Ad the same time, I did the same process of renovation and embellishement on the other Musashi-Do formal gown, Obsidian Glitter.

Honestly the revamping of my older designs was long overdue (expecially flexiness), and will now continue at the same pace as new releases.
Of course, since i would never make people pay twice for the same product (even if revamped), customers that already bought the older (non flexi) version of Obsidian Glitter, Snow Rose, Ivory Pearl and Lavender cloud will just have to send me an IM to receive a completely free update of the appropriate color.

I have to say I'm quite satisfied both with the results of this revamping and with the new colors (actually i'm beginning to wonder why I just made ivory, lavender and white at the beginning...). Despite being older designs, the idea behind them still has the same value, and the new techniques I applied to them (shading, flexi, wrinkles and so forth) definately bring them up to par with my newest creations.

Now, on to the next project! :)

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