Thursday, October 5, 2006

Femme Revolution released.

Following the success of the Evening Revolution suits set for men, i received many requests from girls to make an equivalent set dedicated to them, so i did. That's how Revolution femme was born.

It's probably the biggest set i've ever produced (60 pieces total), including 3 suits (pants, skirts and jackets), 21 shirts, 16 ties and 3 lingerie sets (garters, bras, stockings and thongs).

With this set i worked more on the shading/highlighting of the fabric. Many say that it's not possible to make a good lightmap without using complex (and costly) programs like Lightwave, and since i absolutely disagree i set out to demonstrate my point.
I took inspiration from my experience in painting real life miniature soldiers, in wich highlighting and shading is absolutely indispensible to bring out the details of the model. In the end a 3D mesh like those Second Life has is not much different. I tried to reproduce in photoshop something equivalent to the painting technique called "Glazing" with the use of several feathered selections and layers, and i have to say that i'm really satisfied by the result. Lightwave is definately NOT needed to make a pretty good lightmap. I have to admit that I LOVE it when i'm right :)

I made some separate sets too, in the case someone doesn't want to purchase the whole package: Suit - Black, Suit - Grey, Suit - Blue, Shirts - Spring, Shirts - Fall, Shirts - Winter, Ties - Fantasia, Ties - Classic, Ties - Glamour, Lingerie.

As always the set is available at the Musashi-Do Fashion Shop, on SLExchange, or on SLBoutique priced 800 L$.

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