Saturday, February 6, 2010

Valentine Special Editions at Musashi-Do preview

Valentine is incoming, and to celebrate the most awaited lovers' holiday Musashi-Do will release two limited edition colors of the lovely Brocade Princess gown. Both colors will be for sale exclusively from February the 10th (at 00:01 in the morning SLT) to February the 14th and then will never be offered again, so be ready to get yours while you can! On top of it the price of the gowns will be discounted compared to the regular Brocade Princess gowns. 350 L$ only!

So mark your calendars and remember that the pink version will be for sale exclusively at the Musashi-Do Flagship Store, while the purple edition will be available only at our shop in the premier Jazz club in Second Life: Franks Place.

Don't miss them!

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    If he still doesn’t get it, I’ll put him in touch!