Monday, January 15, 2007

The Milano Men's Fashion week begins!

It finally begun, after months of hectic preparation the Milano men's fashion week has begun. Today i got to see RoccoBarocco and Costume National's A/W 2007/2008 collections. There weren't many surprises as of colors, lots of Anthracite grey, white, some black and whole lodads of brown (wich is good, since i love brown).
Again i was sad to see that an important element of elegance like the tie was totally overlooked, both on the catwalk and in the audience. Looks like the stylists are trying to give men an image of a sporty dandy that wouldn't dare working even if work came and bit them on the rear...

Today I was the only man in sight wearing a tie (my new Brown/gold/white striped tie btw, I love it, and it really looked good with a chocolate brown shirt and a black suit with brown pinstripes... did i say I love brown already? :P), and know what? I'm pretty proud of it!
Until a few years ago the tie was pretty much a sign of aggregation, an emblem worn to show that a man was part of that working and productive class that crowded the cities, and as such going around with an open collar was pretty much distinctive and sporty. Now the situation is basically the opposite. The tie has become a sign of distinction and it actually takes guts to wear one with pride in certain situations.
It's ok. I consider the tie an important sign of elegance anyway, a spotlight in the middle of an otherwise sober outfit. So if beside being elegant it can be distinctive as well, all the better.

Whatever the big real life couturiers will do, i'll continue to produce my ties in Second life. It's not an act of rebellion against official fashion or whatever, I just like them, and looking at the sales figures of my ties, many men like them just as much.
Tomorrow i have to go see another fashion show (Frankie Morello's) and know what? I'll wear another tie. Proudly. :)

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